Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Get Better Julia!

<sean> waves
 <sean> evening
 <BA> Hola!
 * BA leans
 <BA> Miss Julia has a terrible cold
 <BA> and she is NOT HAPPY
 <BA> so she gets the night off.
 <sean> oh colds suck
 <BA> nods
 <BA> I told her at least she'll be better by Florida, right?
 <sean> nods
 <sean> she must be
 <BA> yes
 <BA> O.O
 <BA> So, my blind dad/cowboy dad book comes out Friday
 <BA> I'm tickled pink
 <sean> oh very cool
 <BA> nods
 <sean> you let me beta that one :)
 <BA> I named it Ever the Same
 <sean> it was yummy
 <BA> because I read the lyrics to the Rob Thomas song
 <sean> heeee
 <BA> Also, you should know that I named Audie after Audie Murphy
 <BA> whose museum is in Greenville
 <sean> who is....
 <BA> (damned Canadian)
 <sean> yep
 <BA> he was America's most decorated WWII Combat Soldier
 <sean> oh that's cool
 <BA> then he was an actor
 <BA> he was in The Red Badge of Courage
 <sean> neat
 <BA> The Cimarron Kid
 <BA> Gunsmoke
 <BA> The Unforgiven
 <BA> Hell Bent for Leather
 <sean> *grins*
 <sean> and you know I haven't seen most of those
 <BA> (believe it or not, I won the board game for 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon because I stumped the creators with Audie Murphy)
 <sean> heeeeee
 <BA> He was in The Texican
 <BA> at any rate, he's from Greenville
 <BA> and so, when I was thinking of names
 <BA> Audie came up
 <sean> that's cool
 <BA> nods
 <BA> Dixon is an Austinite
 <BA> to the BONE
 <sean> so, weird ;)
 <BA> duh
 <sean> as in keep austin weird
 <BA> ;-)
 <sean> grins
 <BA> he's a hipster
 <BA> I cannot WAIT to do the Dallas, Greenville, Austin trip
 <sean> missing it?
 <BA> nods
 <BA> lots
 <BA> now, I guarantee by the time the 2 weeks is done?
 <BA> I'll be going, "home home home"
 <sean> nods
 <BA> but right now I WANT TEX-MEX
 <BA> and bluebonnets
 <sean> heeee
 <BA> it SNOWED here today
 <sean> yay!
 <BA> no
 <BA> no
 <BA> spring is supposed to come Valentine's day
 <sean> I love snow
 <BA> I am 100% finished with this whole thing
 <sean> heeee
 <BA> I love seasons
 <sean> me too, but winter is the best season
 <BA> Spring is my absolute favorite, though
 <BA> the others are all just fine
 <BA> monsoon season sucks a little bit
 <sean> I bet
 <BA> which reminds me, I need to get a quote on a new swamp cooler
 <BA> *writes that down*
 <BA> by the by, the voice starts again tonight
 <sean> nods
 <sean> yeah
 <sean> looking forward to it
 <BA> who are the judges now?
 <sean> Blake Shelton, Pherell, Christina and the hottie also known as Adam Levine
 <BA> huh
 <BA> I don't understand the whole Pharell thing
 <BA> he seems nice enough
 <BA> but I'm not sure that I'd call him particularly musical
 <BA> then again, I'm OLD
 <sean> lol
 <BA> and I can take or leave Christina
 <BA> I quite liked Shakira
 <sean> Blake and Adam are my favorites
 <sean> especially their byplay
 <sean> *grins*
 <BA> aren't they everyone's?
 <sean> oh, I liked Shikira too
 <BA> I mean, the other judges are just there for filler
 <sean> heeee
 <sean> nods
 <BA> I think Julia headed back to bed. She is not a happy camper.
 <sean> Tell her to keep her germs to herself ;)
 <sean> and to feel better.
 <BA> no shit
 <BA> with my luck I'll be heading to Florida with the plague
 <sean> that would suck
 <BA> just think, next week we can blog in our hotel room
 <sean> how fun will that be?
 <BA> nods
 <BA> I'm ready
 <BA> if by ready I mean completely and totally unprepared
 <sean> LOL
 <sean> I'm looking forward to it
 <BA> me too
 <BA> very much
 <sean> I can't believe it's coming up next week already
 <sean> that'll be march
 <sean> MARCH
 <sean> O.O
 <BA> yeah
 <BA> I'm just... O.O
 <BA> @.@
 <sean> nods
 <sean> I'm kind of spaced tonight
 <sean> Mondays are hard
 * BA chuckles
 <BA> let's just hope that there's not a week of them
 <BA> and remember, next Monday we'll be together!
 <sean> wooo!
 <BA> :D
 <BA> okay, love
 <BA> I have 122340293572039485270 things to do
 <sean> so a light evening ;)
 <BA> and a sicky Mcsick sick wife
 <sean> nods
 <sean> have a great week
 <sean> *hugs*
 <BA> It's going to get better
 <BA> damn it
 <sean> give julia my best
 <BA> I shall
 <BA> love you so
 <BA> *waves and poofs*
 <sean> you too :)
 <sean> night

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  1. Wishing Julia was better so you guys could Rock your vaca together. If she's flying with a head cold ... could be severe pain involved! You'll have to make her feel better with lots of laffs & love. Here's to her quick recovery! Have a Great week preparing to go have fun!