Monday, February 23, 2015

I Tried it at Home - Cutting Tomatoes by Cardeno C.

Happy Monday! Today I have my next installment of I Tried it at Home. This time, I tried this method of cutting cherry tomatoes. I've never found cutting cherry tomatoes to be particularly difficult but the video looked neat so I gave it a go.

1. First, I washed my pretty tomatoes. 

2. Next I put them on a plate. I put the plate on a cutting board because I'm neurotic.

3. Knife is ready to go - you can see the size as compared to the plate and tomatoes. Seemed too small.

4. Knife switch - this one is bigger. It should go all the way through.

5. I put the 2nd plate on top of the first. So far so good.

6. You can see there's a bit of gap, seemingly perfect for a knife. At this point, I was pretty excited about the prospect of the "hack" working!

7. Knife went in.

8. After going all the way around, I took off the top plate. You see where the knife is, right? Back at home plate so I'm expecting cut tomatoes.

9. Well, some of them are cut. Or more like a small portion of them is sort of shaved off. Hmm. Let's try again.

10. Top plate back on! 

11. Cutting again.

12. Okay, so I got a few more slivers cut, but this is by no means impressive.

13. I'll save you time by saying I did this a few more times. 

14. After each round, I put the "cut" pieces (I would describe them as slivers) into this bowl.

15. I was still dealing with this - pretty much whole tomatoes.

16. I decided I didn't have time for what had to be the slowest cutting method ever and I didn't want tomato silvers so I put the remaining tomatoes on the cutting board. 

17. Remember how the video claimed this method didn't squish the juice out? My plate says otherwise.

18. I went back to the normal cutting method and in a couple of seconds, had nicely chopped tomatoes (pieces not slivers). 

19. I put salt, pepper, olive oil, and vinegar on them.

20. Added them to lettuce.

21. And what felt like a million years later, salad!

CONCLUSION: I'll stick withe old-fashioned chopping method.

Have a super week and let me know if you see any video "hacks" I should try.



  1. Brilliant! I'm laughing out loud. Not AT you, you understand, but with you my friend...I did try it once with grapes and it wasn't quite the event yours was, but in no way saved any time!

  2. Thank you for the giggle fit! And for the lesson I didn't have to learn the hard way :)

    1. Happy to help. I'll keep trying until I find one of these that works!