Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ask Andrew - Writing and Working

Dear Andrew

What was it like going from a working class person to actually giving up that work to do writing full time? Was it scary with out that extra cushion? I've been trying to write for awhile now and it seems like work gets in the way a lot and I just don't get much done. How did you balance it out?


Dear Tammy

It was an amazingly freeing experience when I got to write full time.  It was also incredibly terrifying.  At first I loved it and reveled in not having to get up to go to work.  I wrote a ton, but spent a lot of time worrying about what was going to happen because I didn't have a regular pay check any longer.    It was terrifying for a while.   Then I got used to it and things settled down for me.  I got into a normal writing routine that I stick with today. 

When I was working I wrote in every spare minute.  I used to say I was very dedicated, Dominic said I was obsessed.  But I got very good at picking up my story quickly and writing whenever I could.  Those times added up and I was able to get quite a bit done.  A lot of people say that they need a quiet space and time to get into their work.  They may need to read what they wrote last to get into the story.  I have the ability to remember where I was and to pick up right away, instantly getting back into the characters.  (I think its a skill I developed out of necessity)

As far as balancing out my life, that's the tough part.  Dominic was and is very supportive.  He took good care of me and took on extra tasks so I could write.  I couldn't have written and worked without his constant support.  On fact there is no way I could continue to write without it. 

Hugs and Love

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