Monday, March 30, 2015

Cold Brew Tea by Cardeno C.

Happy Monday. Today's post is kind of like my "I Tried it at Home" posts, except there's no video and I know it works because I've done it before. Around a year ago, I started making toddys (cold brew coffee) and loved them. I also love iced tea. One afternoon I had an epiphany (or, at a minimum, a good idea): if I can cold brew coffee, surely I can cold brew tea, right? The answer is yes and it's super easy.

A. Mandatory ingredients:

1. Water.

2. Tea (I use three packets for a bottle). 

B. Optional Ingredients:

1. Double sided tape.

 2. A hard surface you can tape to with a string that fits around the bottle neck.

3. Mint.

C. Instructions: 

1.  Put a piece of sticky tape on the hard surface, slip it into the tea label, put it over the bottle neck. (Optional)

2. Put the teabags into the water, making sure to leave some string hanging out over the top. 

3. Add a sprig of mint (optional). 

 4. Put the bottle into the refrigerator overnight.

5. Take the bottle out of the fridge and pull out the teabags. 

6. All done! Yummy tea ready to drink.


  1. I have never ever been able to see the good side of iced tea. I would be a failure in the South. But nope, nuh uh, no way, sorry, just can't force myself. <3 <3 Sorry - I usually like to try out new things like this, but not for me CC! ;)