Tuesday, March 31, 2015

OLftR and other elder gods and the good old HEA

<sean> hey everyone
<BA> hey you
<julia> waves
<julia> hey there
<BA> we planted tomatoes and roses
<sean> so how is everyone today?
<sean> oh neat
<julia> dirty!
<sean> well, yes, we all know that ;)
<julia> LOL
<julia> not in the good way
<BA> I washed
<julia> but we accomplished
<BA> nods
<sean> that's cool
<BA> tomorrow, queen victoria agave and blue agave
<BA> then aloe
<BA> then I have to go buy more pots
<sean> do you harvest the agave?
<julia> yep
<julia> no on the harvesting
<BA> No
<BA> I just adore it
<BA> until it gets gigantic
<julia> they have to have way more room to grow than we have
<BA> then I give them away
<BA> and start over
<sean> heee
<julia> hee
<BA> I planted a peace rose, a yellow rose of Texas, a Mr. Lincoln and a JFK rose today
<julia> Daddy has some we gave him that he could probably make juice out of ;)
<BA> I figure, if I buy 4 rose bushes a year
<BA> I will have one amazing garden in 10 years
<BA> I ALMOST bought a barrel cactus yesterday
<BA> but my wallet opposed the idea
<sean> lol
<sean> your wallet is the logical one, is it?
<BA> nods
<BA> it is
<BA> it says, you'll need more pots and more dirt
<BA> you have 34123980319857024957230495 aloe babies
<BA> I could mail you aloe, Sean
<BA> lots
<sean> it wouldn't survive the mailing
<BA> I know
<BA> It wouldn't survive the 49 million degree temperature difference
<sean> LOL
<julia> poor baby aloe
<julia> wilting in the frozen Canaaaaadia
<sean> it's not frozen year round
<julia> no
<julia> it's hot and humid for like
<julia> a month
<julia> ;)
<sean> heee
<sean> unfortunately it's hot and humid for more than a month
<BA> it's humid all the time
<sean> nah, it's dry a lot of the winter
<julia> heee
<julia> not to us
 * BA giggles
 * sean grins
<sean> it's getting warmer
<sean> it tried to snow today but it turned into rain
<julia> it's eighty here
<BA> it was 80 today
<sean> there's a couple weeks where the snow is melting and things are gross on the ground
<sean> 80 is too warm for right now
<BA> (jesus christ, we've devolved into chatting about the fucking weather)
<sean> I LOVE the slow build up
<sean> hey, I'm Canadian, we always talk about the weather
<sean> ;)
<julia> because we're all stupidly tired
<BA> weather in New Mexico -- it's sunny
<BA> hooray
<BA> :D
<sean> I have a bit of anew obsession
<sean> Michael Stokes photography
<julia> heee
<sean> he does lots of stuff of vets with amputations (and tattoos)
<sean> nudes
<sean> they're stunning
<julia> yeah he's got some pretty stuff
<BA> horndog
<sean> blinks innocently and adjusts halo
<sean> who me?
<julia> no
<julia> you
<sean> couldn't be
<sean> *grins*
<sean> okay, maybe a liiiitle
<sean> I'm currently writing a vet with an amputation
<sean> right arm, below the shoulder
<BA> awwww
<sean> he's okay with it
<sean> and then he gets home and his lover has shacked up with someone else
<BA> ack
<sean> it's going to work out okay for him
<sean> it usually does for my boys
<BA> nods
<sean> I love my HEAs
<BA> that's sort of your job
<sean> nodnods
<sean> yep
<julia> torture, then sex
<julia> ;)
<sean> LOL
<julia> then HEA
<julia> that might be me
<BA> no no no
<BA> sex
<julia> paranormals
<BA> then sex
<sean> nods, it might be julia
<sean> nods at BA
<BA> then a little thing
<sean> then some more sex
<BA> then sex
<BA> then the torture
<sean> then climax sex
<BA> then sex
<sean> pun intended
<BA> then an erotic HEA
<julia> heee
<sean> cackles
<sean> yes
<julia> that's sean
<julia> BA
<sean> the very best kind of HEA
<julia> meet
<sean> fist fight
<julia> fight
<julia> fuck
<julia> fight
<julia> make up
<julia> HEA
<BA> nods happy
<BA> that's me
<julia> hee
<julia> biting should be in there too
<BA> fighting, fucking, a little murder sometimes, lots of biting, happily ever after
<julia> boom
<BA> oh, yes
<BA> booms
<BA> I love a good explosion
<sean> boom boom boom
<sean> which makes me think of the theme music for ncis: no
<julia> what's the best thing about explosions?
<julia> I need to write more of those
<sean> the opportunity for hurt/comfort post explosion
<julia> or, as I used to do when gaming
<julia> Great Cthulhu appears
<julia> he eats you all
<julia> you all die
<julia> game over
<BA> nodnods
<BA> that's not an explosion, though
<julia> no it's an elder god
<julia> I need to make supper I think
<BA> what's cooler? elder god? explosion?
<julia> hmmm
<BA> explosive elder gods?
<sean> is the elder god sexy?
<BA> did they make those?
<julia> ew
<julia> no
<BA> Cthulhu is whatever the polar opposite of sexy is
<sean> is he the only elder god out there?
<julia> tentacles
<sean> well, if you like tentacles....
<sean> *ducks*
<julia> no but none of them are hot
<julia> Hastur
<julia> Nyarlethotep
<sean> if I was a god, I would be hot
<BA> Hastur Hastur Hastur, see nothing hap...
<julia> heeee
<julia> yep
<julia> Deep Ones
<BA> there's Mother of Pus
<julia> Hounds of Tindalos
<BA> Ngyr-Korath
<julia> ew
<julia> yeah okay I might be a Lovecraft fan
<BA> The Blackness from the Stars
<BA> Amon-Gorloth
<julia> you just lost 10 plus sanity for saying his name
<BA> dork
<sean> heeee
<BA> I think, if I were an elder god
<BA> I would be the Dweller in the Gulf
<julia> nah
<BA> (it's turtle shaped)
<julia> you'd be the Old Lesbian from the Ranch
<BA> I love it
<sean> LOLOL
<sean> perfect
*** BA is now known as Old
<Old> hrm
*** Old is now known as OLftR
<OLftR> better
<sean> heeee
<julia> I like it
<julia> sexay
<OLftR> now I feel like a Tolkien reference...
<sean> yes
<julia> okay
<julia> on that note I need to feed the puppers
<sean> give them scritches from me
<julia> I have a new book out at Resplendence April 22
<sean> oooo
<sean> bdsm?
<julia> in case we need to promo ;)
<julia> yep
<OLftR> (pimping book woman)
<julia> Minerva Howe
<sean> fun!
<julia> the sequel to Chosen Wolf
<julia> called Found Vampire
<OLftR> ooooh
<OLftR> Vampires
<sean> nice
<OLftR> I read that one
<OLftR> *grins*
<OLftR> one of the bennies of being the wife
<julia> LOL
<julia> yep
<sean> nods
<OLftR> okay, lovelies
<OLftR> feeding dogs
<OLftR> feeding us
<OLftR> feeding all the things
<sean> just make sure you give the dog food to the dogs ;)
<julia> oh god
<julia> so nasty
<OLftR> shit, we pay more for their food
<sean> LOL
<julia> too true
<julia> hugs
<OLftR> *kisses*
<sean> hugs
<julia> night y'all
<OLftR> Love you, honey
<sean> bye!
<OLftR> *waves and poofs*

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