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Shawn’s Law – thank YOU for reading

So my latest book is a romantic comedy called Shawn’s Law.  It was released last Friday (6th of March) and I was nervous, but satisfied in the way the book turned out.  You see, this book is not the same as my other books.

If someone was to ask me about my style of writing, I would look at them as if they asked me to say the Greek Alphabet backwards.  Sure, I know some of the letters of the Greek Alphabet, but learning them all and being able to recite them in reverse order has never been important to me.  As to my style of writing?  Umm – romantic?  Sweet but hot?  Humorous?  I can see that all these words fit, but it’s not exactly a style.  I just write.  I open a Word document on my laptop, open my mind and… voila!

But Shawn’s Law was to be a comedy from the first sentence.  I never pretended to be anything else.  As with all the books I’ve written, the number one reason for writing the book was my selfish self.  Sometimes I write to get the damn story out of my head, and sometimes I write because I want to cheer myself up.  If readers get to enjoy, laugh, chortle, chuckle and all the other things along the way, then bonus.

On releasing this book, I knew that some people would hate it.  I knew some people would be disappointed that it wasn’t the same style as **insert their favourite Renae Kaye novel here**.  But I think that’s the same with every author. 

So it was wonderful when people adored my book, just the same as I did:

“Ever had a book that made you laugh out loud?  Not just a few giggles (although that happened), or episodes of gentle laughter (ditto).   No, I’m talking about out and out guffaws, side stitching no holds barred cackles!  For me, that is Shawn’s Law by Renae Kaye in a nutshell.  Even now, just thinking about certain scenes and dialog  makes me stop and laugh until I cry.5 stars, Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

“Every time “Shawn’s Law” happens, you can’t help but laugh, giggle and feel just a little ashamed of yourself for laughing at someone’s misfortune. But it’s so funny!” 5 stars, The Novel Approach.

“So yep, another hit for me from Renae Kaye. There are lots of great moments of humor and fun here, and the story is incredibly entertaining.”  4.75 stars, Joyfully Jay Reviews

“I’ve loved all of her previous books but what if I read this one only to discover that Renae Kaye only thinks she’s funny? So with some trepidation I started reading…and started grinning like an absolute nutter.”  5 stars, Love Bytes Reviews

“This book will keep a smile on your lips and a warmth in your heart.  Though there is a lightness to this book, there is an important message to take away in the midst of the laughs.  This is one not to miss!  Definitely recommended!” 4.5 stars, Watch and Word Society.

“I laughed more than once as, in just 200 pages.”  5 stars, Love Bytes Reviews

“Full of humor and heart, the story is entertaining, amusing, sweet, and super sexy.” 4.75 stars, Joyfully Jay Reviews.

“This story is definitely a bit different from her others in that it relies far more heavily on humor than her other books, but it still provides us with the tenderness and a loving relationship that we have come to expect.”  5 stars, Kimi-chan Experience.

“Gawwww…I really adore Renae Kaye’s books. There’s sweetness and quirkiness and sometimes a tad bit of emotion. And Shawn’s Law fits the bill.”  3.5 stars, Boys in Our Books.

“Shawn could easily have been a character who was bitter, angry, or even stupid, but Kaye is a much more effective writer and she doesn't let Shawn be reduced to that.” 4.5 stars, Watch and Word Society.

Humour is subjective.  What I think is funny, others don’t.  I get that and agree wholeheartedly with it.  So when I say that Shawn’s Law has received a mixed bag of reviews, don’t think that I’m complaining.  Of course I would love it if every single person in the world adored my book, but realistically it’s not going to happen.

But what has happened that I feel humbled about, is the people who took time out of their busy lives to send me an email or Facebook message that said, “Thank you for writing this book.”

No.  Thank YOU for writing to me and telling me how much you enjoyed it.

Their reasons for enjoying it have been varied.  Some simply loved the laughs, others told me they were reminded of the good times they had with their dementia-stricken parent.  Some identified with Shawn during the story, others with secondary characters.  With every single word I receive, I am touched.  It is one thing to write a story, but it is another to offer your words out there (technically for sale) for people to read and sit in the knowledge that they actually do.  But when the reader makes an effort to contact the author…  Wow.  Goosebumps.  Thank you.

Shawn's Law is available at the following sites:

How to contact Renae:
Twitter:  @renaekkaye

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