Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ask Andrew - That Hot Guy on the Cover

Dear Andrew

Who decides what the cover picture is on your books? Do you have any input or does someone else choose? I refer to the cover throughout my reading to look at the character image. If someone else chooses the cover picture, do they read your book first? If so, how come the images don’t match?


Dear Mary

At Dreamspinner the authors work with the cover artists to develop a cover image that both fits the story and will please the author.  We as authors have a great deal of input as to how our covers will
look.  We will out a cover request form and then the cover artist does some mockups of the cover and sends them to us.  This is a starting point.  We then work with the artist to refine the cover until we reach the final one.  There are limitations because for most covers stock images are used and we are constrained by the men that are available.  We all try to do our best. 

I know that sounds easy, but it isn't necessarily.  For the cover for The Price, I worked with the artist and we had a cover we were both very happy with.  But as soon as we were done, we discovered that one of the men we wanted to use wasn't available, so we had to search to find a replacement.  That was difficult because the first guy was perfect.  Sometimes the sticking point is something small.  For the cover for Love Comes Silently, I put the artist through hell to find just the right pink hat. 

This experience does not necessarily transfer to other publishers.  Many of the large NY publishers get input form the author and then create the cover and that's it.  The author often gets little input.  It all depends on the publishers process as well as the author contract. 

Hugs and Love

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