Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Twenty Questions, the Spring Edition

<BA> booooo
<BA> :D
<sean> eeeeek!
<sean> *grins*
<julia> Hola, peppitas
 * BA leans and waves
<julia> dude, y'all
<julia> it's spring
<sean> not according to what's outside my window ;)
<sean> not that I'm complaining
<julia> the trees are budding here
<julia> the spring fleurs are blooming
<sean> cool
<BA> no, no. Spring happened...
<BA> Saturday?
<julia> we're getting April showers in March
<sean> we've got cold snap
<BA> my FAVORITE season
<BA> flowers
<sean> but it looks like we've got the warm coming
<BA> bunnies
<BA> birds
<sean> heeee
<BA> butterflies
<julia> well, the frozen north doesn't count
<julia> heee
<BA> open windows
<julia> I thought
<julia> we could do the 20 question thing, spring edition
<julia> I'll start
<sean> that would be fun
<julia> Favorite Easter candy
<sean> Laura Secord Eggs
<BA> the purple chick ones
<BA> not the bunnies
<julia> Reeses
<julia> though I can't have them as the holiday ones have wheat
<sean> are the easter ones different than the usual ones?
<julia> yes
<julia> they use wheat to keep them together
<julia> because they're bigger
<sean> ah
<BA> My turn: Favorite spring flowers?
<sean> crocuses!
<BA> bluebonnets!
<julia> ocotilla
<BA> !
<julia> What color do you dye your easter eggs?
<sean> rainbow
<julia> I like the fancy foil ones
<BA> nods -- I love glitter!
<sean> I remember always doing them with crayon and onion skins
<BA> rainbow and glitter
<sean> when I was little
<BA> yes, but you're older than Jesus
<julia> heee
<julia> Happy Birthday older than Jesus
<sean> me and Methuselah
<julia> ;)
 * BA giggles
<julia> Let's see
<julia> What do you hate spring cleaning?
<BA> windows
<sean> actually spring cleaning
<julia> Floors
<julia> I hate deep cleaning floors
<julia> oh!
<julia> and curtains
<BA> I just did curtains
<BA> we're safe for the spring
<sean> lol
<sean> favorite spring baby animal
<BA> What's cuter? Chicks or bunnies?
<julia> oh
<julia> no fair
<sean> duh bunnies
<julia> ducklings
<julia> bunnies are cuter than chicks
<BA> Favorite spring baby animal: BABY GOATS
<julia> baby alpacas?
<sean> baby bunnies
<julia> also cute as hell
<BA> chicks are pretty cute...
<julia> they are
<julia> but omg bunny ears
<BA> OMG -- did y'all see the baby alpacas? I would snuggle them so hard
<BA> bunnies bite
<julia> well, yes
<julia> and they poop on you
<BA> the bassets like bunnies
<BA> so do chicks
<BA> chickens poop EVERYWHERE
<sean> most babies do
<julia> bunnies don't accidentally expire in the oven when the incubator goes out
<BA> oh, shut up
<sean> O.o
<julia> oopsie
<BA> I was little
<julia> yep
<julia> what happens in Texas stays in Texas
<julia> if you want to know the story you have to come to RT or the Austin Author Affair
<sean> *grins*
<BA> there you go
<julia> galoshes or umbrellas?
<sean> galoshes
<sean> mud is way ickier than rain
<julia> I like galoshes to STOMP in
<BA> umbrellas -- I reject the idea of plastic boots
<julia> no Wellies for BA
<BA> *snorts*
<julia> the chicken or the egg?
<BA> velociraptor
<sean> oh that's the best answer I've heard to that question
<julia> heee
<julia> it is
<julia> we'll leave it at that
<BA> :D
<BA> Jurassic Park for the win!
<julia> spring holiday?
<sean> may day
<julia> heee
<julia> which is also Beltaine?
<julia> ish?
<BA> Easter
<BA> I like the whole Easter hat and Jesus Christ Superstar on demand thing.
<BA> Isn't Tom Cruise too old to be an action hero?
<julia> Yes
<julia> Cinco de Mayo
<julia> tacos!
<julia> what food are you happy to let go with winter
<julia> you can totally eat it again come fall
<sean> stew
<BA> hrm
<BA> potato soup
<BA> chili
<BA> pot roast
<BA> casseroles
<julia> sauce
<BA> (can you tell I'm ready for salad and veggie season?)
<sean> yep
<BA> :D
<julia> hee
<julia> and grillling!
<julia> oh
<julia> what's your favorite grilled food
<sean> steaks
<BA> barbeque chicken
<julia> hot dogs
<sean> although I do love veggies done on the grill too
<BA> we have to go buy a new grill
<sean> do you?
<BA> nods
<BA> it's time
<BA> our old one was too big and bulky
<BA> we need a sleek, sexy one
<sean> one with rock hard abs
<BA> nods
<julia> yum
<julia> oh!
<sean> pert glutes
<julia> the boys of summer are nearly here!
<julia> shirtless
<julia> low hanging shorts
<sean> oh yeah
<sean> hip cleavage....
<julia> heee
<BA> I shall name the grill, Blaze
<sean> cackles
<julia> oooh
 * BA grins
<BA> yeah, I'm clever ;-)
<sean> how much do you hate springing forward?
<julia> so much
<BA> ****this much****
<julia> it's worse than falling back
<sean> the biggest much
<sean> so worse than falling back
<BA> nods
<BA> I hear you
<julia> heee
<julia> I think we're short of twenty questions
<sean> yeah
<julia> but I'm all pooped
<BA> (story of her life)
<julia> hey!
<sean> it's  hard theme to come up with 20 questions for
<sean> LOL
<julia> I had minor surgery today
<sean> your toe?
<julia> toe callus removal
<julia> I bled a lot
<julia> blame that
<sean> :P
<julia> hugs my spring queen and my winter loving bud
<BA> *ahem*
<BA> I'm ready. Bring on the budding.
<sean> hugs Julia and BA
<sean> night
<BA> Love you, honey!
<sean> love you :)
<BA> *smooches and poofs*

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  1. Love the what happens in Texas ... stays in Texas ... or on Facebook ... hee hee I love all the new long legged Thoroughbred foals dropped in January ... by Spring they are magnificent! Coconut macaroons in pastel colors Herald the arrival of Spring! Peeps are so disgusting! Oops ... that should stay in Alaska ... hee hee. Exterior maintenance is a Spring & Summer thing ... Interior is an Autumn & Winter thing. You guys have a Great week & enjoy the sun!!!