Saturday, April 11, 2015

Ken and Barbie

My childhood Derek doll
I’m still on holidays, and having a great time.  **wink** 

But something has been going around in my head for the last couple of days.  Something mentioned to me by a friend on Facebook.  She was talking about how “gay” Ken was in the 80’s and 90’s. 

I had a look at this article and man, I giggled to myself.  The cock ring had me bursting out in laughter.  And that Sun Sensation Ken…

It got me thinking about my own experience with Barbie and Ken.  I grew up in the 80’s and so Barbie was waaay in.  I didn’t have a lot of toys.  I remember pleading for My Little Ponies…  yet the only one I ever owned was given to me as a birthday present.  My idea of heaven was visiting a neighbour’s house and playing with her ponies.  She had what seemed to be hundreds, but was probably, in reality around thirty of them.  Plus all the stables and accessories.
My childhood Ken doll

I owned one Barbie and two Ken dolls.  Considering the ratio of Barbie-dolls to Ken-dolls available in the shops in the 80’s, having two Ken dolls and one Barbie was highly unusual.  One wasn’t strictly “Ken” – his name was Derek and he was part of “Barbie and the Rockers.”  The other one was Day/Night Ken – all in a business suit.  I remember he had “accessories” – there was a briefcase and a square of cardboard printed to look like a newspaper.  My Barbie was Crystal Barbie – kind of like Cinderella I guess.

My childhood Barbie
So my “playing house” example was a Glamour Queen, a Rock Star and an Office Businessman – all living together.  Wow.  Now that explains a lot of things.  That explains why my characters are so “opposites attract” type of guys.  And, it probably explains why I write MM.  Probably Ken supported the trio with his high-paying white-collar job, and when Barbie left each night to go to her ball,
unemployed lounge singer Derek and tired, I-just-need-a-blow-job Ken got it on.

So now that I have ruined my idyllic memories of innocently playing dolls as a child, I might get back to my holiday…

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