Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Back From RT

<sean> boooo
<BA> booo
<sean> heeee
<BA> I'm HOME!
<BA> home home home
<sean> YAY
<BA> Poor Texas, though. The storm damage is awful.
<BA> it's crazy
<sean> :(
<sean> mother nature is being nasty
<BA> but we managed to make it to New Mexico after forever away
<sean> yeah, you were gone a long time
<BA> nods
<BA> we had a blast, though.
<BA> we RTed and we Austin Author Affair'd
<BA> and we took Andrew to Daddy's
<sean> how did that go?
<BA> good
<sean> cool
<BA> I think Andrew had fun
<BA> Daddy talked to him about ranching and cattle
<sean> neat
<sean> your daddy is awesome
<BA> Andrew learned about singing loud with my whole family
<sean> heeee
<BA> you should have seen him. He was totally playing along.
<BA> I was proud
<sean> heeee
<sean> good for him
<BA> the book signings all went well
<BA> the weather sucked
<BA> the hotels were basically good
<BA> normal stuff
<BA> ;-)
<sean> nods
<BA> what did you do?
<sean> ran about 8000 errands
<sean> it was exhausting
<sean> ;)
<BA> only 8000?
<BA> impressive!
<sean> heeee
<BA> *grins*
<sean> I'm just used to staying at home so zipping out several times a day seems excessive
<BA> I know you just missed me to death
<BA> nods
<BA> I hear that
<sean> I so did
<BA> we have our errands to once or twice a week
<BA> tops
<sean> nods
<sean> I usually do as well
<BA> did I tell you about the walk today?
<sean> do tell
<BA> there were BUNNIES
<BA> 4
<sean> wow
<sean> the dogs must have loved that
<BA> first bunny one, we'll call him Rick, ran down the street.
<BA> Warning bunnies 2 and 3
<sean> heeee
<BA> (Mabel and Jezebel)
<sean> cackles
<BA> Mabel went left
<BA> Jezebel went right
<BA> Rick continued down the road and picked up Bob
<BA> did I mention that I had on my clogs
<sean> oh lord
<BA> and that bassets are hunting dogs?
<sean> did you have both dogs?
<BA> I did
<BA> together
<sean> yikes
<BA> yeah
<BA> it was... an adventure
<sean> I bet
<sean> I guess the bunnies have been fornicating like bunnies
<sean> so you've got a lot of them
<sean> and then this was the first walk the doggies have had since you left, too, eh?
<BA> nods
<BA> yes
<sean> Yeah, I bet
<BA> Sonny is exhausted
<sean> chuckles
<sean> sleeping hard now, eh?
<BA> yes
<BA> and the thing is
<BA> I told them this morning that we would go, right?
<BA> this afternoon, I said
<BA> I promise, I said
<BA> dinnertime rolls around
<BA> and what do I get?
<sean> lololol
<BA> Rick, Jezebel, Mabel, and Bob
<BA> @.@
<sean> heeee
<sean> you survived it, though
<BA> it was a close thing
<BA> next time?
<BA> Tennis shoes
<sean> nods
 * BA leans
<BA> lord have mercy
<BA> so I have to tell you, going back to Austin was surprisingly emotional
<BA> I didn't expect it to be at all
<BA> but I was a bit of a wreck
<sean> awww
<sean> lots and lots of memories, eh?
<BA> I mean, I'd had this great experience up to getting to Austin, right?
<BA> I saw my mom
<sean> nods
<BA> Daddy is doing *so* well
<sean> that's awesome
<BA> and I saw my baby sister and her girls
<BA> it was great
<BA> and then I got to Austin and totally lost my shit
<BA> I guess I never really processed all that, you know?
<sean> nods
<BA> and the Author Affair was a blast
<BA> met all sorts of new people
<sean> much smaller than RT. eh?
<sean> kind of opposite ends of the spectrum?
<BA> and loved on old friends and sisters
<BA> smaller, but fun
<BA> there was a lot more time for visiting
<BA> and I have to say, those people bought books
<BA> I sold out of my YA novel
<sean> that's great
<BA> I had like 3 books to ship home
<BA> and Julia kicked ass
<sean> very cool
<BA> so, it was a good little meet up
<sean> cool
<sean> I have signed up for Coastal Magic in February
<BA> We're going to have So Much Fun
<sean> nods
<sean> that's the plan
<BA> *grins*
<BA> I've wanted to go to Coastal Magic since the beginning
<sean> cool
<BA> we've decided to fly through Houston
<BA> not
<BA> Dallas
<sean> I haven't even thought about flights yet
<BA> now I have to convince you to come to RT in Vegas
<BA> oh, the only reason we have
<sean> I need to get my thanksgiving travel taken care of first
<BA> is because that's what happened to us
<BA> we got iced out of Dallas
<BA> on our way
<sean> ah
<BA> *ahem*
<sean> yes
<sean> is it too early to anticipate?
<BA> it'll be here before we know it
<sean> nods
<sean> yeah
<sean> I was just musing how it can't possibly be June next week already
<BA> no shit
<sean> what happened to the first 5 weeks?
<sean> months
<BA> and we still haven't opened our windows
<BA> *snorts* weeks
<sean> yeah
<BA> okay, love
<BA> I need a snack
<BA> and a drink
<sean> food!
<BA> nods
<BA> I love you
<BA> and I will bring Julia with me next week
<sean> love you
<sean> good :)
<BA> nods
<sean> night!
<BA> night honey!

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