Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May stuff and other rambles

<sean> hi!
 <BA> hola!
 <BA> how goes it?
 <julia> it rained cats and dogs
 <BA> nods
 <BA> all of a sudden
 <sean> heee
 <sean> we had rain today too
 <sean> not like that
 <julia> there are many May things to talk about!
 <julia> May Day
 <julia> Maypoles
 <julia> which sounds dirty
 <sean> nods
 <sean> it does
 <julia> the merry month of masturbation
 <sean> merry month of masturbation
 <BA> It's the Merry Month of Masturbation!
 <sean> heeee
 <sean> gmta
 <julia> first of may, first of may, outdoor fucking starts today
 <julia> I love spring
 <BA> (as a total aside, THEY REMADE FUCKING POLTERGEIST?????)
 <BA> (what the fucking fuck?)
 <julia> (Crimes against movies)
 <sean> heee
 <sean> nothing is sacred
 <julia> Cinco de Mayo
 <BA> I have roses to replant, aloes to pot, herbs to pot
 <julia> which also happens to be my SIL's birthday
 <BA> that's the official planting day
 <julia> yep
 <BA> oh, dude -- we sent her her box, right?
 <julia> yes
 <julia> she loved the queso dip mmix
 <BA> we still have Kiernan Kelly's Easter box on the desk...
 <julia> yes well
 <julia> Sean will get a Christmas box in February
 <BA> Sean will get all the things in November
 <julia> oh right
 <BA> just like always
 <sean> nods
 <BA> it's cheaper to have a visit than to fucking mail things
 <sean> I know!
 <julia> May flowers
 <julia> our roses are booming
 <julia> blooming
 <sean> our tulips are almost ready to bloom
 <sean> ;)
 <julia> woo
 <BA> booming roses
 <BA> I have huge orange ones on the side of the yard
 <BA> I have 2 Mr. Lincolns
 <BA> a peace
 <BA> a JFK rose
 <BA> and
 <BA> of course
 <BA> a yellow rose
 <julia> nods
 <sean> *grins*
 <sean> of course
 * BA siiiiiiiiing-- It's the yellow rose of Texas I'm going home to seeeee
 <BA> no order man has held her, her heart belong to me
 * BA grins
 <BA> I know, I've become one of those boring old lesbians that's obsessed with fixing my house and gardening
 <BA> sue me
 <BA> ;-)
 <julia> heee
 <BA> (did I mention we're remodeling the bathroom?)
 <julia> nah
 <julia> no suing
 <julia> we can't afford it
 <BA> no shit, we're remodeling the bathroom
 <sean> LOL
 <BA> Okay, let's perv this up
 <BA> best masturbation scene you've ever written
 <julia> hmmm
 <sean> oh god, we're supposed to remember?
 <julia> LOL
 <BA> yep
 <sean> I didn't even remember to write a snippet using one of last week's pic-up lines
 <BA> strain your brain
 <BA> well, neither did we
 <julia> I know my favorite BA one
 <julia> it's in Latigo
 <BA> awwww
 <BA> Dean and Will!
 <sean> oh, I love those boys
 <BA> My favorite Sean one is Rig
 <sean> thinking about his Marines
 <BA> fantasizing about the marines
 <julia> yep and one is spying on the other
 <BA> my favorite Jullia one is in Pictures of You
 <BA> with Hal and Leanne and Church
 <BA> and the window
 <julia> oh yeah!
 <julia> hee I love that one
 <sean> heeee
 <julia> grins
 <julia> what about outdoor sex?
 <BA> does sex on a boat count?
 <julia> yes!
 <sean> heeeee
 <julia> didn'rt Dave and Amos have sex outside in Stress Relief
 <julia> I know Ross and Tank did in Taking the Leap
 <julia> when they went fishing
 <julia> so that will be mine ;)
 <BA> does anyone even remember poor Dave and Amos?
 <BA> my first original babies
 <julia> I do!
 <sean> I do
 <julia> that book had a dog named Moodle
 <julia> <noodle>
 <julia> siiiings
 <julia> me and you and a dog names
 <julia> <named>
 <BA> Mooooodle
 * BA giggles hysterically
*** julia has quit IRC
*** julia has joined
 <BA> dude, that was so funny that J pooted...
 <julia> heeee
 <sean> LOL
 <julia> not for real
 <julia> in the channel
 <sean> *cackles*
 <BA> well, only the people that know you would think that
 <BA> the people that know you would KNOW that
 <julia> sean has the may flowers thing cornered with the Briar Rose books
 <julia> (see me try to stay on topic)
 <sean> heeee
 <sean> I'm working on a new one
 <sean> no
 <sean> I have a new one coming out in July
 <julia> hee
 <julia> no, I am working on it
 <sean> what I'm working on is a new Box of Nails
 <julia> as a proofer
 <julia> lalala
 <sean> cool
 <BA> grins
 <BA> okay, my snack is calling
 <sean> mmmm food
 <BA> I have a strict schedule
 <sean> nods
 <BA> shot food food shot food shot food food shot
 <sean> yeah
 <BA> grins
 <BA> love you, honey
 <julia> hugs
 <BA> have a good one
 <sean> *hugs*
 <sean> you too!
 <sean> night
 <julia> night y'all!
 <BA> next week will be whining about travel.
 <BA> ;-)
 <BA> night!
 <sean> lol

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