Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Movie and TV couples

<julia> waves
<julia> hey!
<BA> booo
<sean> eeek!
<sean> hey
<julia> heee
<julia> still funny
<sean> nods
<sean> it is
<julia> grins
<julia> we are frantically preparing for RT in Dallas
<julia> so sad you won't be there, Sean
<sean> I bet
<sean> yeah, I'd love to see you guys
<julia> nods
<julia> we miiiiissss you
<sean> ditto
<sean> is it november yet?
<julia> of course that's why we do this every week ;)
<julia> quality time
<sean> nods
<julia> are you Tweeting with us tomorrow for Cinema Craptastique?
<julia> we can't be there in person as we fly in Wednesday
<sean> oh what's the movie?
<julia> Legend of Hercules
<julia> with an entire cast of people I'm too old to have heard of
<sean> LOL
<BA> Cackles
<sean> that's not the one with Dwayne Johnson then?
<julia> noipe
<julia> Kellan Lutz?
<julia> I have no idea who that is
<julia> however
<julia> it's a mythology movie
<julia> we can expect bulging pecs
<julia> naked thighs
<julia> and rampant misogyny
<sean> nods
<BA> you just want to rub two boys together
<julia> me? yes
<julia> yes I do
<sean> yes, please
<julia> that's the best thing about movies
<julia> right?
<sean> hell there's tons of movies where the boys should have gotten together
<BA> *snorts*
<sean> the red riding hood one (I can't remember the exact name)
<sean> where the two boys after her so should have gone home with each other
<julia> oh we did that last year, didn't we?
<sean> nods
<julia> I think we missed the ending
<sean> I think so
<sean> the boy don't get together *pouts*
<julia> thundersnow
<julia> heee
<BA> Sherlock and Hotson
<julia> mmmm
<sean> god yes
<sean> that's canon, though, right?
<sean> ;)
<julia> Obi Wan and Qui Gon
<sean> uh-huh
<BA> you sluts
<julia> Alan Grant and his little love slave in the 3rd Jurassic Park movie
 * sean adjusts the halo
<sean> Jane and the doctor in Firefly
<sean> (I'm blanking on the doc's name)
<sean> or Jane and Mal in Firefly
<sean> Spike and Angel!
<julia> Wat and Chaucer in a Knight's Tale
<sean> am I cheating by going to TV?
<sean> Yes!
<sean> I love that movie
<BA> TV doesn't count
<sean> you know how you have movies that if you happen across it on the TV
<sean> you'll watch it
<sean> even if it's halfway through or almost finished
<BA> because if it did, it would be METHOS and DUNCAN
<sean> even though it has ads and you've got the movie right there
<sean> on dvd or whatever?
<sean> A Knight's Tale is one of those movies for me
<BA> Tango and Cash
<BA> mmm
<sean> 13th Warrior!
<BA> is it wrong to add Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday from Tombstone?
<julia> no
<julia> not wrong at all
<sean> nothing wrong with that
<julia> yum
<julia> TV is visual medium
<julia> it counts
<BA> I know that people slashed LotR
<sean> lol
<sean> nods
<sean> for sure, BA
<julia> Hobbit sex?
<BA> I couldn't handle the whole fuzzy feet thing
<julia> eurgh
<sean> there's about 40 bazillion different pairings you could go for
<sean> and half of those didn't include the hobbits
<julia> so then wrinkly old wizards?
<julia> eurgh
<sean> LOL
<sean> elves
<sean> men
<julia> dude
<sean> aragorn and legolas
<julia> Viggo Mortensen needed to bathe
<julia> like whoa
<sean> I actually loved that about that movie
<sean> that the characters who were outdoors for weeks on end
<sean> were dirty
<julia> yes
<julia> but NOT SEXY
<sean> I like it dirty, but not that kind
<sean> ;)
<BA> Julia hates the LotR movies, Sean
<BA> you're not going to move her
<sean> heeee
<julia> now, I don't hate them
<julia> but I don't adore them
<sean> they've got enough fans, they don't need her to love them
<julia> I have issues
<julia> partly with Tolkein
<julia> partly with hairy feet
<sean> heeeee
<julia> partly sad family history I won't go into
<BA> I think that the Tin Man and the Lion were headed into the lurve space
<sean> ah
<sean> *hugs*
<julia> LOL
<sean> heee
<julia> no straw?
<BA> The scarecrow belonged to Dorothy
<BA> they're my OTP
<julia> I thought that was Sherlock and John
<BA> nods
<sean> they don't live in OZ
<BA> I have one for every movie
<julia> though I know you love Moriarty best
<BA> Mulder/Scully
<BA> Skinner/Krycek
<julia> in the TV show, not the movies
<BA> Methos/Duncan
<sean> oh yes, Skinner/Krychek
<sean> now there's a dysfunctional couple
<julia> hangs head
<BA> Captain Jack/the boy and girl dingleberries
<julia> I never watched X Files when it was on
<BA> Marge/Homer
<sean> heeeee
<julia> heee
<BA> that's just obscene
<BA> Ethan/Dorian/Vanessa (I can hope)
<julia> yes
<julia> O.O
<sean> hey, they've gone ethan/dorian and dorian/vanessa
<sean> and they're hinting at possibly going ethan/vanessa
<sean> so yeah
<sean> we can hope
<BA> Penelope/Morgan
<sean> 4ever!
<BA> Grissom/Lady Heather
<julia> god yes
<BA> Pride/Lasalle
<sean> uh-huh
<sean> Sam and G
<BA> I gave up on them
<julia> heeee
<BA> I miss them
<sean> they were so married for the first few years of the show, they had to give Sam an actual wife
<julia> yeah, Sam's instafamily
<sean> we were supposed to be doing movies, though, weren't we
<julia> yeah, well
<BA> nods
<BA> I was doing OTPs
<julia> the last movie we saw in the theater was Brave
<BA> shit, the last movie we saw, full stop, was the Lady in Black
<BA> no
<BA> wait
<BA> we saw the last hobbit movie
<BA> it was endless
<julia> yeah
<sean> it was one endless fight after another
<sean> the first one was the best of those
<julia> the last fight scene was like the second Matrix movie
<sean> nods
<BA> Oh! Matrix! I slashed the brothers :D
<sean> yes!
<julia> heee
<julia> yes
<BA> Mummy -- Ardeth and Jonathan ;-)
<julia> heee
<sean> nods
<julia> I wrote that fanfiction
<julia> not kidding
<sean> heeee
<julia> so anyway
<julia> Cinema Craptastique
<julia> 5:30 to 8pm Tuesday central time
<julia> Legend of Hercules
<sean> I'll see if I can rustle up the movie and play along
<julia> stream it on Netflix or something and Tweet along
<julia> we'll be there
<sean> coolios
<julia> hugs
<julia> got to go write a pitch!
<BA> smooooooooooches
<sean> *hugs*
<BA> love you, honey. :D
<BA> see you later
<julia> night!
<sean> night!

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