Saturday, May 2, 2015

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Have you ever heard of the saying, “You made your bed, now you have to lie in it.”  I like this saying.  My mother’s favourite saying is “Reap what you sow.” It’s along the same lines, but sowing and reaping sounds all too laborious.  I prefer beds and lying down.  Lots of good things happen in beds.

Whenever I think of this saying, I picture a large bed with a fluffy white coverlet and piles of pillows.  If I make my bed, that’s what I want it to look like.

So about six weeks ago I was a little downhearted.  Grumpy.  Nothing new. (LOL).  I was whining to a friend that I didn’t know what was happening with my writing career.  I had been so bogged down in edits and blog tours and releases that I hadn’t written anything.  After having a flying start to my chosen career as a writer, I now had a looming 2015 calendar with nothing on it.  What was I going to do about it?

The obvious solution of “write more books” was the first thing I thought of, but writing a 60k word novel takes a while, and then it needs to be submitted, edited, etc.  It takes time.  So I sighed and got on with it.  At least my empty calendar would leave me plenty of time to write.

Famous last words.    

My calendar has suddenly EXPLODED.

Audio News

Loving Jay and The Blinding Light are already available in audio.  

The Shearing Gun is being recorded now.  I anticipate it will be out in June 2015.

Shawn’s Law will be recorded soon and should be out in about August 2015, I think?  We’ll have to see.  I have a feeling the poor narrator will have a tough time with this one.  Queer quokkas and all.

International News

Loving Jay has been translated.  I’m dying to see it.  I’ve been told that it’s a great translation – but oh my Gawd! How will Jay’s personality turn out?  The book will be released on the 7th of May and is already up on Amazon for pre-order.  It will also be available in paperback from Triskell Edizioni.  

Check out the pretty cover.

And if you’re wondering about the others?  Yes – Italian translations will be coming for them too.  The Blinding Light, The Shearing Gun and Safe in His Arms have all been contracted for translation and will be released in 2016.

New Releases

I have a short story out called Hard Feelings.  It’s a great little tale, and I’m hoping to get it to you.  It is part of an anthology called Queermance Vol II and has been released through Clan Destine Publishers.  At the moment it’s only on the publisher’s website, which is a little frustrating, but I am told it will be placed on Amazon.

I need to negotiate with them, but after a period, I will re-release this story as a stand-alone, because I think you’ll love it.  I have an amazing cover all ready – look!  A wonderful cover designer, Meg Bawden did it for me.  (

I’m also working on getting another short story to you.  I’m editing it now, and will have to negotiate my way through some sort of program to get it on Amazon.  Technology and me are not the closest of friends.  

People say to me, “What sort of phone do you have?”  My answer is always, “A purple one.”

AND of course, the big news is that there is a second novel coming in The Tav Series.  You Are the Reason is being edited now (ugh, I hate editing) and I anticipate August 2015 for its release.  But seriously guys?  This book is great.  I’m really proud of it.

So from an empty calendar, to a rather full one, I’ve made my bed and I’m wallowing in it.  Now, I must get back to writing…

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  1. Such great news! I am all for keeping the calendar full!!