Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Love Wins and so can you! Ebook giveaways from Sean, Julia and BA

Thanks to the SCOTUS decision Friday, LGBT people all over the country are celebrating. While Sean's folks up Canuck country were way more evolved than we are, Sean is celebrating with us!

In honor of the celebration, BA, Sean and I would all like to offer a free ebook to one commenter here on this post! Feel free to dance with us, or just a simple Love Wins will do!

BA Tortuga is offering a free ebook of your choice from www.batortuga.com, or she can choose one for you.

Sean Michael is offering a Blended Family ebook from the Briar Rose series, to be released July 15 at Torquere.

I'm offering any of the Full Moon Dating books from Torquere. Aiden and Ben, Coy and Denver or Evgeny and Feng. That way y'all can prepare for Gage and Hamish, out July 29.

We love love, and we hope y'all do, too.



www.seanmichaelwrites.com Sean on the web

www.juliatalbot.com Julia

www.batortuga.com BA Tortuga


  1. I would love a chance at the new Briar Rose book please.

    I am so happy for my US friends.... Love Wins!!!!

  2. When love wins everyone wins!

  3. I'm definitely dancing with you! Love wins!!!

  4. Two countries down and so many to go, let's keep the equality going so many more countries to go

  5. I'm happy dancing with everyone celebrating in the US

  6. I'm happy dancing. Love is love. Marriage is marriage

  7. I would love a copy of Johnnie. That cover gives me life :)

  8. I am so pleased, so happy. I know we have much more ground to cover and miles to go before we sleep, but what a joy to pause and reflect on what a giant, positive, and dare I say unexpected leap it was for the Supreme Court to make this ruling.

  9. I'm not dancing, because, well...no one wants to see that. But I'm definitely celebrating with you all. Love wins!

  10. I'm not the dancing type, but I'm the loudly cheering person at this wonderful news.

  11. Love wins! I would love a chance at blended family in briar rose.

  12. winners will be announced this weekend. Sean has been out for Canada Day week, and we want to all draw our own!