Monday, June 8, 2015

Second Edition Releases by Cardeno C.

Happy Monday! I have three re-releases available so for today's post, I'm sharing pretty new covers and links.

Places in Time 

"Sexiest Man Alive" and Golden Globe winning actor Ethan Baker lights up the screen but fizzles in his personal life. When his latest girlfriend breaks up with him, Ethan turns to his one "forever" person - Jude Harrison. But as Ethan makes the familiar drive to his best friend's house, an unexpected detour and a bewildering passenger take him through places in time he'd long forgotten. Suddenly Ethan sees Jude's actions over the years from a different perspective, but it's his own reaction that's the biggest surprise.

15,000 words, $2.99
All Romance
Smashwords Coupon UM38Y

A Shot at Forgiveness
A dozen years, two thousand miles, and a law degree after high school, Rafi Steiner continues to harbor resentment toward Isaac Jones, his childhood bully turned NBA star. When Isaac appears at Rafi's favorite restaurant acting like a long-lost friend, Rafi bluntly dismisses him.

But Isaac is tenacious and he has his heart set on the grown-up version of the boy he always wanted and never forgot. The way Isaac sees it, he and Rafi are perfect for each other, if only he could sink the most important shot of his life: his one shot at forgiveness.

17,000 words, $2.99
All Romance
Smashwords Coupon VH57R

 All of Me
Bonded by their parents before they were conceived, wolf shifters Abel and Kai adored each other since they were children. As teens, the two future Alphas took the next step in their bonding process and vowed to remain true to one another until Kai came of age. But when tragedy struck, Abel felt betrayed and ran from Kai instead of completing their mating.

Abel never stops yearning for the man who was supposed to lead by his side and after years without contact, Kai returns, broken and on death's door. If Abel wants to fulfill their destiny and merge their packs, he'll need to look past what he saw and trust his heart.

18,000 words, $2.99
All Romance
Barnes & Noble
Smashwords Coupon XB55D


  1. I just wanted to say that your books are awesome. I love love love the home series. I have read and re-read everyone of your books I own which is all most all of them. I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work. I will definitively be reading more of your books.

    1. Thank you so much, Alisha. That means a lot to me.