Tuesday, June 16, 2015

that dinosaur movie and clown dancing

<BA> Boo!
<sean> eeeek
<sean> :)
<sean> happy anniversary you guys!
<sean> and also, happy birthday, Julia!
<Julia> Thank you!
<Julia> we've had an amazing day
<BA> Thank you. :D
<sean> wooo, good :)
<BA> we loved the dinosaur movie
<sean> heee
<sean> me too
<BA> so much fun
<BA> we're going back Thursday
<sean> heeee
<BA> research
<sean> what was your favorite part?
<BA> Owen and the raptors
<sean> nodnods
<sean> god yes
<sean> I'm right with you there
<Julia> Heee
<Julia> I was not blase
<Julia> I heard a lot of oh it was okay
<Julia> no I was soooo tickled
<sean> I heard a lot of the beginning was slow, but I didn't find it dragging at all
<Julia> nope
<Julia> but then I loved all the self referencing stuff
<Julia> that's the writer in me
<sean> oh yes
<sean> it was the perfect follow up to the first movie
<Julia> nodnod
<Julia> movie 2 need not exist
 * sean nods
<BA> I liked the third one
<BA> I found this one a little sad, but not in a bad way
<BA> in an 'end of an era' way
<sean> nods
<BA> I remember watching the first one in the theater and going, "Oooh. Look at the dinosaurs!"
<sean> yeah
<sean> it actually holds up pretty well, too
<BA> My kiddo was 4 at the time and I was there with the ex's parents. The mother in law was gasping and freaking out. The kid looked over, blinked, and said, "Granny, it's just a movie. Chill out!"
<BA> That's one of my dearest memories
<sean> that's awesome
<BA> nods -- so practical, so straightforward
<BA> I was fascinated
<Julia> LOL
<Julia> I honestly don't remember if I saw the first one in the theater
<Julia> I must have
<Julia> God knows I've seen it a million times
<sean> nods
<Julia> can quote every line
<BA> nods
<BA> we've seen it together... what? 100 times?
<Julia> at least
<Julia> more than even the mummy
<BA> nods
<Julia> or Indiana Jones
<sean> wow
<BA> and we've seen those a LOT
<sean> nods
<BA> or Deep Blue Sea
<Julia> LOL
<BA> and y'all know my position on shark movies
<Julia> Ghost Ship
<Julia> 13th Warrior
<BA> Ghost Ship...
<BA> we haven't watched that in forever
<sean> is that the one with Gabriel Byrne
<BA> nods
<sean> cool
<BA> I do love a bad horror movie
<sean> that's the only one of those that I've only seen once
<BA> we've seen it dozens of times
<BA> dozens ;-)
<BA> And the Jurassic World guy, not bad
<sean> uh-huh
<sean> not bad at all
<BA> I've never seen him before
<BA> but he's pretty
<sean> nods
<sean> he was in Guardians of the Galaxy
<Julia> LOL. I've only seen him on Ellen
<Julia> yeah, we haven't watched that one yet
<sean> and while he's cute i that one, too -- my favorite is Groot -- the tree
<Julia> yeah he'd not cute in Jurassic
<Julia> he's hot
<sean> heeee
<sean> nods
<sean> absolutely
<sean> so are dinosaur shifters going to suddenly become a thing?
<BA> this is the first movie we've seen in the theater since Brave
<BA> talk to Kiernan Kelly
<sean> oh yeah she wrote dinosaur shifters years ago
<sean> nods re the first movie since Brave -- and you want to go back this week -- that says you did love it
<BA> nods
<BA> J wants to see the earthquake movie too
<sean> San Andreas?
<sean> with the Rock
<sean> which is a reason to go see it right there
<sean> speaking of hot men ;)
<BA> I saw him on the lip syncing show
<BA> and cackled
<sean> omg, yes
<sean> he was so funny
<sean> (and sexy)
<sean> *ahem*
<BA> that was not sexy
<BA> goofy, yes
<BA> hilarious, yes
<BA> sexy...
<BA> O.O
<sean> oh, see, I find that ability to make fun sexy
<sean> it's like the pec pop of love thing in the island movie
<sean> it's goofy and silly and fun
<BA> pec pop of love...
<Julia> but not sexy ;)
<Julia> Lord
<Julia> I'm a little weirded out by the pec pop as I saw it first in Bloodsport
<Julia> with that villain
<sean> I'm not sure I saw Bloodsport
<BA> How can you not have seen Bloodsport?
<BA> you should go see it
 * sean looks it up on IMDB
<BA> it's got to be on jesus van damme is old tv somewhere
<sean> oh it has van damme in it - I must have seen it
<Julia> heee
<sean> I'm sorry what?
<Julia> oh lord
<Julia> look out sean
<Julia> duck
<BA> C
<BA> L
<BA> O
<BA> W
<BA> N
<BA> D
<BA> A
<BA> N
<BA> C
<BA> I
<BA> N
<BA> G
<BA> this is a thing?
<sean> I have never heard of this
<Julia> So you think you can dance
<Julia> in LA clown dancing is a thing
<BA> I am wounded
<BA> soul deep
<sean> O.o
<sean> wow
<sean> lol
<BA> clown dancing
<BA> @.@
<sean> you need to bleach your eyeballs and brain, huh?
<BA> ^^@.@^^
<BA> I'm going to have a psychotic break with reality
<BA> clowns are not cool
<Julia> lalala
<Julia> no commenty
<BA> no, Miss I Used To Be A Clown Gee BA You May Have Married A Serial Killer in Disguise
<sean> lolololol
<BA> no need to comment
<Julia> sigh
<Julia> I went to clown college
<Julia> apprenticed
<sean> remember Owen and the raptors
<BA> you went to Clemson
<Julia> registered my face
<sean> the raptors will eat the clowns (not juila) and make you happy
<Julia> lolol
<BA> fuck raptors, I'll beat those goddamn clowns down with my hysteria alone
<sean> heeee
<Julia> snortgiggles
<Julia> yes
<BA> Also, on the scary beyond all reason front, they made another Ted movie.
<BA> I do not understand
<sean> I'm not sure how they made a first one
<BA> yeah
<BA> ack
<BA> okay, y'all. I have 21 minutes to clean the house up before bed
<BA> O.O
<sean> *hugs*
<sean> okay, sweet raptor dreams to all
<sean> ;)
<BA> ditto
<BA> love you, honey
<BA> night!
<sean> night
<Julia> night!

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