Tuesday, July 7, 2015

And the Winners Are...

<BA> hola!
 <sean> hey :)
 <sean> how is everyone? did you have a good 4th?
 <BA> we did!
 <BA> we cleaned up the yard
 <BA> you can see all the fireworks from our backyard
 <sean> oh, that's awesome
 <BA> nods
 <BA> it's a great show
 <BA> and no crowds
 <sean> heee
 <sean> nods
 <sean> so we have winners to pick from last week
 <BA> we doth
 <sean> should we each pick a number within the range of comments and then see who it corresponds to?
 <BA> works for me :D
 <BA> I want 9. It's my favorite number!
 <sean> I want 13 - it's my favorite :)
 <BA> you and my mom
 <sean> Julia? You got a number for us?
 <julia> six please
 <julia> since there's not a 42
 <sean> heeee
 <julia> that's 4 plus 2
 <julia> so there
 <sean> nods
 <sean> Julia, your winner is Hellsbells
 <sean> BA, yours is Donna
 <BA> *throws confetti*
 <julia> wooo
 <sean> mine is Becca Ison
 <BA> hooray!
 <julia> so they just need to email someone
 <julia> hee
 <sean> nods
 <sean> my winner should email me at seanmichaelwrites@gmail.com
 <julia> hellsbells can email me at juliatalbot@gmail.com
 <BA> my winner could email me at batortuga@gmail.com or they can email either Sean or Julia and someone will forward it *grins*
 <sean> LOL
 <sean> yes
 <julia> Lord knows we're always around
 <sean> nods
 <sean> so yay winners and thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate love winning!
 <BA> nods
 <BA> yes
 <BA> sorry, there was a knock on the door
 <sean> was it anyone interesting?
 <BA> and the electric company was there asking if we'd been digging and broke the electricity last week
 <BA> not us
 <BA> nope
 <BA> *points to the neighbors*
 <BA> although
 <julia> ;)we don't dig unless we call
 <sean> you were the ones affected though, eh?
 <julia> and have them come mark
 <BA> that seems... dangerous
 <sean> heeee
 <julia> you can break a gas line with a jackhammer
 <sean> you can mess up your cable too with digging
 <julia> we can't
 <BA> we don't have cable lines
 <julia> we have satellite here
 <sean> ah
 <BA> at all
 <julia> they can't bury them in our ground apparently
 <BA> there is NO CABLE in this part of the world
 <sean> huh
 <sean> it's neat learning how different places have different ways of doing stuff and why
 <julia> yep
 <julia> we have sandy soil on top and hard rock underneath
 <julia> boom
 <sean> nods
 <julia> grins
 <julia> so how was Canada Day with the fam?
 <sean> it was great
 * BA sings -- Oh Canada!
 <julia> no no
 <julia> sings Blame Canada
 <sean> we barbequed (and there's another neat difference, if we put it on the grill we call it barbequeing) bison burgers
 <sean> and they were delicious
 <BA> Daddy has a buffalo ranch next door
 <sean> I did not go downtown for the fireworks because it is way way too crowded
 <sean> that's neat
 <BA> can you see them at all from your place? (I'm betting no)
 <sean> nope
 <sean> I'm too far
 <BA> go team me!
 <julia> we got to see the city ones from our house
 <BA> I want to come and see the ice
 <sean> i used to work in an office downtown and could go sit and watch from 9 floors up
 <BA> oh, that's cool!
 <sean> only two blocks away
 <julia> nodnod
 <sean> it rocked
 <sean> working at home rocks more ;)
 <BA> my best fireworks was over the Monterey bay
 <BA> fireworks on BOATS
 <sean> that sounds awesome
 <BA> nods -- my work clothes involve Sherlock t-shirts and shorts
 <julia> yoga pants
 <julia> basset hair
 <sean> lol
 <BA> nods
 <BA> basset hair is a permanent part of EVERYTHING
 <sean> nods - I bet
 <julia> heee
 <julia> they shed
 <julia> a lot
 <sean> dogs do that
 <sean> a lot of them drool, too
 * sean ponders drool and shifter stories
 <BA> nods
 <BA> stop it
 <sean> no, that wasn't a happy place to go
 <sean> ;)
 <BA> you're fired
 <sean> yeah, I'll give that to you this time
 <BA> out of a cannon
 <sean> cackles
 <sean> boom
 <BA> Although I did write a werepitbull
 <BA> and it was adorable
 <BA> oh!
 <sean> stubborn too, I bet
 <sean> oh yes, it's gorgeous
 <BA> http://www.batortuga.com
 <sean> very very nice
 <sean> it's always super easy to navigate which is always a big plus
 <julia> HEEE
 <julia> sorry
 <julia> caps lock was on
 <BA> Kris Norris designed it
 <BA> she's amazing
 <BA> I adore her
 <BA> and I'm so tickled with how it looks
 <BA> and there are excerpts now
 <BA> for EVERY book
 <julia> it's so purty
 <BA> now the challenge is not getting behind
 <sean> heee
 <sean> yes
 <sean> *ahem*
 <BA> *grins*
 <julia> I am redoing mine as we speak
 <julia> website I mean
 <julia> not my behind
 <BA> isn't that the challenge always?
 <sean> I'm trying to get caught up
 <BA> LOL!
 <sean> O.o
 <sean> LOL, julia
 <BA> I don't know, babe. You've lost enough weight on the don't-have-a-stroke diet that your backside is sorta remodeled
 <sean> okay, I have about 349367 edits to go through and return
 <sean> and I'm only exaggerating by about 112
 <julia> yeah yeah
 <sean> so I need to cut today short
 <julia> I got poked by a proof yesterday
 <julia> POW
 <sean> lol
 <BA> that sounds dirty
 <julia> hugs
 <julia> have a good one, Sean
 <sean> everything sounds dirty, BA ;)
 <sean> you guys too
 <sean> bye!
 <BA> love you, sweetheart
 <BA> *waves*

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