Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Buddies! And Sharknado 3!

<sean> evening
<BA> *waves*
<julia> waves
<BA> hola
<julia> howdy
<julia> SYTYCD is on
<sean> or should I say
<sean> buddies!
<julia> Stuaaaart
<sean> kum-ba-ya!
<sean> lolol
<julia> (BA is very Boblike)
<sean> nods
<sean> I loved Bob
<julia> I adore Kevin
<julia> giant 50 foot Kevin
<sean> heeee
<BA> it reminded me of Animal in the Muppet Movie
<sean> heeeee
 * BA leans
 * sean leans back
<sean> it is too damn hot
<sean> I want my snow back
<BA> it's lovely here
<BA> 95 in the day
<BA> 60 at day
<sean> that does sound lovely
<BA> at night, even
<julia> it's amazing
<julia> rain at night
<BA> of course, running at 330pm?
<julia> yes
<sean> i bet
<julia> I do not run
<sean> I don't either
<sean> I suppose if a bear was chasing me, I might change my policy on running
<julia> Kris Norris says it's a great motivator
<BA> nods
<sean> heeee
<julia> I would get eaten because I would be all beaaar
<sean> cackles at you
<BA> I am determined to run in the Disney half marathon
<BA> I might be 60 before I manage it
<sean> heeee
<julia> so
<julia> I've been thinking weird shifters
<sean> yeah?
<BA> you're just obsessed with moose shifters
<sean> well.....
<sean> I'm doing a rhino
<julia> I am not obsessed
<sean> *poslishes the halo*
<julia> although I am doing one for an xmas story
<BA> a rhino?
<sean> yep
<julia> wow
<BA> like as in 'gee I'm horny'?
<sean> pairing him with a sweet panther shifter
<sean> LOL
<julia> I was thinking bison
<sean> yes, as in gee I'm horny
<BA> there's a weremarmot in Spirit Quest...
<julia> heeee
<julia> oh wow
<BA> there's a little baby girl werebuffalo in the next Midnight Rodeo story
<julia> and people thought I was nuts doing bears a few years ago
<BA> do people write weresharks?
<sean> heeee julia
<sean> we should suggest it for sharknado 4 ;)
<julia> fish are not sexy
<sean> nods
<BA> S
<BA> H
<BA> A
<BA> R
<BA> K
<BA> N
<BA> A
<BA> D
<BA> O
<sean> oh hell no
<BA> *bounces madly*
<julia> heee
<julia> wednesday
<BA> I can't wait
<BA> I have my tweeting fingers ready
<julia> we will have a tweet along
<sean> what time does it start for you?
<BA> 7pm
<sean> cool
<sean> same time :)
<BA> woot
<julia> excellent
<BA> my first love will always be Sharktopus
<julia> heee
<sean> yeah
<julia> no it isn't
<sean> oh no, not like this!
<julia> BA's first love is Jaws
<BA> oh yes
<BA> I saw that in the drive-in
<sean> and Deep Blue Sea
<julia> god yes
<BA> I was supposed to be asleep
<BA> I was not
<sean> lol
<julia> heee
<julia> I did not see Jaws until I was a teenager
<sean> this is not surprising
<BA> no?
<sean> nope
<julia> heee
<BA> I'd read the book before I was a teenager
<julia> she was a good kid I'm told
<julia> mostly
<BA> I was
<BA> I mean, I was stubborn
<BA> and I read EVERYTHING
<BA> and said "what if" 34539487203987 times a day
<julia> I was a sneaky kid
<julia> but I never watched scary movies
<julia> I saw Nightmare on Elm Street in 2006 ;)
<BA> Oh, God
<sean> I still don't watch scary movies for the most part
<julia> I do
<BA> my best friend in high school and I saw that together at the movies
<julia> I live with the queen of them
<BA> we LOVED it
<julia> horror fan
<julia> we watched a cute little movie called Ouija the other night
<julia> surprisingly well done
<BA> It was! I was super tickled
<BA> nice boo factor
<BA> low on the gore
<BA> clever concept
<BA> self aware
<BA> I approve
<sean> heeee
<julia> yep
<BA> my favorite scary movie of all time is Poltergeist
<julia> heee
<julia> mine is Scream
<BA> I watched the first 5 minutes of Scream 4-5 times before I made it through
<julia> then you went O.o
<julia> right?
<BA> nods
<BA> you know it
<julia> that's the only scary part
<BA> Pet Semetary is the only one I walked out of
<julia> I didn't love that one
<BA> I was pregnant
<sean> loved the book
<sean> didn't see the movie
<BA> it didn't work for me
<BA> I loved the book too
<sean> frist book that literally put a shiver down my spine
<julia> BOO
<sean> nods
<BA> hrm...
<BA> The Exorcist was a scary read
<BA> Rosemary's Baby fucked with me
<julia> Rosemary
<julia> 's... yeah that
<BA> The Haunting of Hill House was also shivery
<julia> nods
<julia> the 50s movie is hilarious
<BA> but it's the weird ones you remember
<BA> I read this book 40 years ago about a space that turned everyone into cactus
<julia> O.O
<BA> and this one lady chopped her hand up to put it in a salad
<BA> a space ship
<sean> O.O
<BA> I know, right?
<BA> that's all I remember about it
<BA> (well, that and the fact that I wasn't supposed to read it, most likely)
<sean> lolol
<julia> I remember a mystery where a lady whacked her husband with a frozen roast then cooked and ate the murder weapon
<BA> yes!
<julia> and people wonder why I think writing is cool
<julia> anything we can imagine
<BA> heeee
<julia> though right now I have to imagine deadlines
<BA> and we can imagine a lot
<julia> cackles madly
<sean> lololol
<julia> King BOB!
<BA> and on that note, it's time to go write all the things, make a snack and give the puppies their chews.
<sean> buddies!
<julia> hugs
<BA> *hugs tight*
<BA> K
<BA> I
<BA> N
<BA> G
<BA> B
<BA> U
<BA> D
<BA> D
<BA> I
<BA> E
<BA> S
<BA> !
<BA> :D
<sean> lol
<julia> night y'all
<BA> love you, honey
<BA> *waves*
<BA> night!
<sean> love you
<sean> night

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