Monday, July 13, 2015

Life by Cardeno C.

Happy Monday. I just got back from a trip to the Pacific Northwest. I posted pics of Seattle and Canada on Facebook so you can see some of the beautiful sites. Other than a bit of heatwave, I'd say the trip was a perfect blend of fun and relaxing. A great way to see a new-to-me part of the world and spend time with cherished friends.

I'm taking the memories of this trip and locking them deep in my heart so I'll always remember my life, world, and friends like they are right now. I try to focus on the positive, the hopeful, the silver linings in life. Not Pollyanna, but definitely on the far edge of optimistic. That's been harder to do lately, but hopefully the visions in my head of smiles and laughter and late evenings chatting will help even as things get harder.

Thank you, Seattle and Canada for sharing your beauty with travelers who really needed it.