Tuesday, July 28, 2015

minions doing American Ninja Warrior and favorite sex scenes to write

<BA> helooooo!!!
 <sean> hello
 <julia> hola!
 <sean> I am watching american ninja warrior
 <sean> and doing a lot of oogling
 <BA> it has been wine o'clock here for a few hours
 <julia> hoy solamente escribo en espanol
 <sean> LOL
 <BA> no shit
 <julia> no?
 <BA> can you escribo porn en espanol?
 <julia> uh
 <julia> no
 <julia> I can curse
 <julia> I can (and did) Don Quixote
 <julia> and I can order in restaurants
 <julia> <read>
 <BA> you can Don Quixote?
 <julia> read it
 <julia> I had wine too
 <BA> no more wine for YOU
 <julia> vino
 <julia> ta da
 * BA giggles
 <sean> lol
 <julia> this is going to replace "Tacos!" I can tell
 <sean> oh minions doing american ninja warrior!
 <BA> Yep.
 <sean> how fun would that be
 <BA> It would be...bouncy
 <BA> they could stack up
 <julia> and splatty
 <sean> nods and laughs
 <BA> and do the events
 <julia> and fart gunny
 <julia> I gave my great nephew a toy fart gun
 <julia> the resulting video is a gem
 <sean> lol
 <BA> nodnods
 <BA> it makes me incredibly happy
 <BA> Boo avec fart gun
 <BA> <---- see? French!
 <sean> cackles
 <julia> LOL
 <sean> Boo avec pistolet de pet
 <julia> LOL
 <julia> so
 <julia> what all is happening this week in books
 <sean> my dragon story is available for pre-order with ARE
 <sean> Healing Fire
 <julia> I love dragons
 <BA> I'm reading through Picking Roses -- there's going to be 20K added to it
 <sean> cool, BA
 <BA> Yay Dragons!
 <BA> I've done a bazillion edits
 <julia> I have A Full Moon Dating out on wednesday
 <BA> I don't think I have any releases... Oh, wait!
 <julia> Gage and Hamish
 <sean> oh I've been waiting for them
 <BA> I have a wee bitty short story in the last Mythologically Torqued anthology
 <BA> it comes out some time this month
 <julia> Cool
 <sean> what myth did you torq?
 <BA> Why Coyote Stopped Imitating his Friends
 <BA> *grins*
 <BA> You know me, I had to play in the Native American myths
 <sean> nods
 <BA> so Gage and Hamish? What are they?
 <BA> Vampires?
 <BA> Werechickens?
 <BA> Wereraptors?
 <BA> Psychic beanie baby
 <julia> heeee
 <julia> panther and bear shifters
 <julia> hot and spanky
 <sean> um
 <sean> with a y
 <sean> yum
 <BA> *cackles*
 <BA> No more wine for Sean either
 <julia> LOL
 <sean> I hven't had any booze
 <julia> Sean is a lightweight
 <sean> this is true
 * BA watches Julia drool over Megz on SYTCYD
 <julia> heee
 <julia> she has this belly
 <julia> and she's wearing this chain
 <julia> lalal
 <julia> a
 <sean> perv
 <sean> ;)
 <julia> I am
 <julia> hey I give equal time to the boys
 <julia> Jim the ballet dancer has this muscle tension...
 <julia> oops
 <julia> low sugar for BA
 <julia> need to  get her a snack
 <sean> ack
 <BA> sorry
 <BA> I have granola
 <BA> this whole blood sugar thing is a challenge
 <sean> nods
 <BA> Julia pervs over the dancers
 <BA> but Megz is special
 <BA> she stops and pants
 <sean> heeee
 <BA> I'd be jealous
 <BA> but we have a kid older than Megz
 <BA> ;-)
 <sean> heeee
 <BA> *grins*
 <julia> LOL
 <julia> too true
 <BA> so, what's your all time favorite sexual act to write?
 <julia> LOL
 <julia> Sean is fisting
 <BA> Yours is blowjobs
 <sean> I like sounding too
 <julia> moi?
 <julia> I like spanking
 <julia> but yeah
 <julia> I  like oral boys
 <sean> blow jobs and rimming are awesome
 <sean> why do we have to choose?
 <sean> ;)
 <BA> I like the whole desperate rubbing off
 <BA> and the spying and jacking off trope
 <julia> heee
 <julia> you so do
 <julia> I remember that all the way back to Latigo
 <BA> yeppers
 <julia> oddly enough one of my favorite Sean one was the milking in one of the Briar Rose books
 <sean> Controlling Parker :)
 <julia> yeah
 <sean> I love writing the different stuff - it's always fun
 <julia> I thought oh I won't like that
 <julia> but wow
 <sean> the medical fetish stuff in Velvet Need
 <sean> the pony and puppy boys
 <sean> cool, Julia :)
 <sean> let's face it, I love writing the sexual acts
  <sean> all of them
 <sean> goooo sex!
 <julia> heee
 <BA> I like blowing shit up
 <julia> you do like a sex scene
 <julia> BA likes explosions and fist fights
 <julia> I like biting and growling
 <sean> I do
 <sean> and she does
 <sean> and you do
 <sean> heeee
 <BA> *leans*
 * sean leans back, with ice
 <sean> we've hit the ugly part of summer up this way
 <sean> hot
 <sean> humid
 <sean> gross
 <julia> we're cooling off
 <BA> nods
 <BA> it's lovely here
 <sean> I'm very jealous
 <BA> nods -- okay y'all
 <BA> I have 20K to plot into this book
 <BA> O.O
 <BA> I can do it.
 <BA> I
 <BA> can
 <BA> do
 <BA> it
 <julia> you can!
 <julia> hugs
 <sean> yep you can
 <BA> *hugs tight*
 <BA> love you
 <sean> hugs
 <sean> love
 <sean> night
 <BA> stay cool!
 <BA> :D
 <BA> night

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