Saturday, July 18, 2015

New Releases and all the links

Wow – what a week it has been for me.  What a month.

It was my birthday on Monday – happy birthday me! – and as a treat for me, I decided I would finally figure out how to release a story on Amazon.  Otherwise known as “self-publishing.”  I don’t know how “self”ed it was, because there is a huge amount of people who helped me, and thank you to all of them, even if it was just a cheer in the background, telling me I could do it.

But I pressed the button, expecting Amazon to take their sweet, merry time about putting it up, and they did it in under 3 hours.  
So last Saturday, my short story Out of the Rain was released.  

It’s only 99c 

– so make sure you click the link and check it out if you haven’t already.

Mitch never knew what awaited him when he answered his elderly neighbour’s calls. Finding a stranger crying in her backyard was a new one. Little did he know that rescuing Elijah out of the rain was going to change his life.

Elijah is too young, too good looking, and too bruised for Mitch to consider falling in love with. But Elijah is soon in his house, in his bed, and in his heart.

At thirty-eight, Mitch has a lot of experience with life. Elijah is only twenty-three and just starting out. Mitch’s bedroom skills enrapture Elijah. Mitch just hopes it will be enough to make Elijah want to stay.

Available HERE on Amazon.

The reason I wrote this, was I was asked to submit a story to an anthology, and as a favour I thought I would give it a week of my time and see if a short story could be pulled together.  Once finished, I loved it, but I didn’t think it fitted the guidelines of the anthology, so discarded it. 

It was fun trying to make my guys fall in love in under 10,000 words.  I didn’t quite make it – it went a little over, but all-in-all, I’m extremely satisfied at how it turned out.  I had a quick look at some reviews, and it seemed that the main complaint was that the story was too short.  Oops.  Okay.  I prefer writing longer ones, too.  It just takes me a while.  Don’t stress, I won’t be giving up on my novels any time soon in favour of shorts.

In other exciting news, my next release from Dreamspinner Press, You Are the Reason is now available for pre-order from Dreamspinner and ARe.  The links are below.

Davo’s a pretty average guy. He has a decent job, owns his own home, and spends his weekends at the pub. He fully accepts that he’s gay, but doesn’t want to be one of those gays, who are femme and girly. He likes football and other masculine pursuits, and firmly avoids anything that could be seen as femme—including relationships that last beyond fifteen minutes.

Then Davo’s friend and gay idol not only gets a boyfriend, but also adopts a baby girl. Davo is seriously spooked and scuttles down to the pub in fright. That’s where he meets Lee, who is cute from her cherry-red hair, to her pretty little dress and pointy red shoes. Davo is charmed—but how is that possible? He’s gay. Isn’t he? Then Lee tells him he’s actually a guy—he just likes to wear women’s dresses occasionally. Thoroughly confused about an attraction that’s out of character for him, Davo begins the long journey to where he can accept himself without caring what everyone else thinks.

Click HERE for Dreamspinner Press and HERE for All Romance eBooks.

I really, really am excited for this one.  If you liked The Blinding Light, then you have to grab a copy of this.  You will get to catch up with Jake and Patrick, as they feature in the story.  But best of all, you get to fall in love with Davo and Lee.  Seriously, people.  These guys are just too cute to keep all to myself.

THEN, if that wasn’t enough releases, Shawn’s Law came out on audio recently, as well as Safe in His Arms.

They are available from Audible 
        here (Shawn’s Law) 

People often ask me what I’m working on, and if certain characters will get a story.  I give you permission to nag me.  Email me.  Facebook me.  Tweet me.  It helps to keep me focused.

I’m writing daily, and at the moment, I’m working on Paul & Andrew’s story.  I really need a name for it, other than “Paul & Andrew’s Story” – hopefully one will come to me soon.  It was supposed to end up around 60k-70k on the word count front, but at now 79k and still going, I must have a word to these guys.  We met Paul and his married lover in Safe in His Arms.  I never meant for Paul to have his own book, but I needed to give him a HEA.  People told him to give up on Andrew, and I didn’t want him to.

I also have 30,000 words on a story built from Loving Jay.  I re-read it last night, to see if it was any good, and nearly peed myself laughing.  It’s terrible when you don’t remember writing the words on the page.  (See birthday mention above.  I’m old now.)

Then after that, I think I want to start Mickey Ryan’s story.  Oh, yeah.  Mickey needs a story...

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  1. For Paul and Andrew I Believe In A Thing Called Love, Don't give up Paul !!

    1. Great title! **scribbles it down** Thank you.