Thursday, August 6, 2015


I put a lot of thought into the characters I write. It's really important for me to know them inside out, to feel as though I've lived inside their skin so I can understand them. I definitely consider myself a character writer. I don't typically have crazy, elaborate plots, but I try, and hope I succeed in writing multi-layered characters.

The thing is, who the characters are, also has to tie in with the plot really well. Take my latest release, CROSSROADS for example. It's a GFY book, and it wasn't only one character who originally identified as straight. It was both, which took it to a whole new level of--what the hell am I doing? and Can I pull this off? I had to craft my characters personalities in the best way I could so that it would be believable that these men would be willing to give a relationship a try.

Bryce was my fly by the seat of your pants character. He is up for anything. He's no holds barred in every aspect of his life so it made sense to me that he would be that way in his relationship with Nick, as well. On the other hand, Nick is more reserved and thinks things through, but he also runs off his heart. He's loyal and caring and it's important to him to have a connection with people. He doesn't do one night stands. He likes to feel something for people he's with, which is what allowed him to go there with Bryce. He had a connection to him, Bryce meant something to Nick on an emotional level, and he's the kind of guy to follow his heart.

It's really important to me that characters have a reason why they're willing to do or not to do a certain thing. As a writer, that's my job, to know these characters, to understand them and to try and bring them and their stories to life in the most realistic way possible.

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