Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Favorite Movies

Today it's all about our favorite movies.

favorite animated movie
BA: Beauty and the Beast
Julia: The Little Mermaid
Sean: Minions

favorite action movie
BA: Die Hard
Julia: The Mummy
Sean: Transformers

favorite romantic comedy
BA: The Goodbye Girl
Julia: Alex and Emma
Sean: Chef (does that count as a romantic comedy?)

favorite sci-fi movie
BA: Star Wars
Julia: Star Wars
Sean: Star Wars

favorite fantasy movie
BA: Labyrinth
Julia: Legend
Sean: Labyrinth

favorite mystery movie
BA: Dead Again
Julia: Clue
Sean:The Name of the Rose

favorite western movie
BA: Tombstone
Julia: She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
Sean: Young Guns

Favorite horror movie
BA: Deep Blue Sea
Julia: Ghost Ship
Sean: Sixth Sense

Favorite historical
BA: The Lion in Winter
Julia: Elizabeth
Sean: Gladiator

Favorite musical
BA: Jesus Christ Superstar
Julia: White Christmas
Sean: The Sound of Music

Favorite guilty pleasure movie
BA: Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band (with the Bee Gees)
Julia: High Spirits
Sean: A Knight’s Tale

favorite war movie
BA: does Hair count as a war movie?
Julia: Kelly’s Heroes
Sean: Gallipoli

favorite drama
BA: Gladiator
Julia: Dangerous Liasons
Sean: Dead Poets Society

Favorite all time movie
BA: Wizard of Oz
Julia: Jurassic Park
Sean: Star Wars (I know I'm doubling but it's honestly my favorite sci-fi and my favorite ever)

If you have a topic you’d like us to chat about (or any other favorite things you'd like us to share), please let us know. We’re totally up for that.

You can find us on Twitter at @seanmichael09, @juliatalbot and @batortuga.


smut fixes everything


  1. Great choices! I could join you 3 on the couch ... I'll bring flavored popcorn & Root Beer & ice cream & whipped cream & cherries! <3

    1. going by the last half of the food -- are we watching movies or having an orgy? ;)

  2. I think Julia and I might be movie kindred spirits. Thanks for this convo it totally reminded me that I want to see Legend and The Name of the Rose again!

    1. Yeah, I wanted to sit and watch all of those as soon as I'd come up with my faves for each genre

  3. Time for me to cruise Netflix and see what I can start on first!😉