Thursday, August 27, 2015

Genre jumping by Riley Hart

Just this week I announced that I also write YA and NA under a different name. People ask me all the time how I go from writing a YA, to writing an erotic romance, because they're obviously so different. And my writing style under each name is different too. Sometimes it's easier to do than others and there's definitely been a few instances where I've slipped into the wrong point of view or something like that.

The thing is, writing in different genres keeps things fresh for me. It keeps things exciting and keeps the ideas coming. I find it necessary to flip back and forth between people of different sexes and age groups. It helps that I read in all the the genres I write in as well. I'll go through different phases where I only want to read YA, or only want to read adult.

Do you read multiple genres or do you find yourself sticking to pretty much one kind of book? Or do you have a certain author you'll read in a different genre, but other then them, do you stay firmly planted in a certain kind of book?

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