Friday, August 14, 2015

My Emotional Men by Felice Stevens

     Let’s face it. We love our heroes. We love to read about them, and lord knows we, as writers, love to write about them. Our bad boys, the broody broken alpha with a heart of gold, our tortured men and our beta-heroes; those sweet and loving men.
     I love that emotion of writing the hero who struggles with his inner self. There's nothing like capturing a man's feelings he tries to ignore when he tries to pretend he's not in love. And of course, the epiphany when he finally, finally admits to it.
      I love an emotional hero.
     There, I’ve said it. 
     When I first started writing, I was laughed at for being too, “emo.”
     I was berated by one person for making my men sound stupid, weak and wimpy, because he talked about his feelings.
    “Men don’t act like that. They don’t really talk much. you don’t want to write like that.”
     Well, yeah I kinda do.
     And I am noticing that quite a few writers and readers do too.
     While I do like that mysterious dark and tortured soul, I want to know what he is feeling and I want the reader to know why. It doesn't make him sappy to talk. Not all men merely grunt or stare in silence.
     In Beyond the Surface, my newest book, scheduled for release on Monday!! August 17th, my two MC Julian and Nick, are almost-lovers in high school but split apart and reunite after almost 20 years. When they meet again they have a problem communicating at first, but Julian lets Nick know he will be there for him, but he had to talk to him and let him into his heart.

      I love when the book gets all intense and deep. It’s thrilling to take the reader on that emotional journey. Part of what I believe makes a wonderful story that I will want to read over and over again is the build up, the breaking down of defenses of the two men.
     We invest time and energy into writing these books. The characters come alive as we create their stories about them. We want to be taken along into their lives as the book unfolds and they reach their happily ever after.
     As a writer, I love writing it.
     So I guess you can all figure out, when you all read  my books, you will have heroes who are not afraid to bare their soul and are unafraid to show their love.
     They just have to get there first.
     Oh, and for the record—my husband is one of these types. He loves to talk, he loves to shop and he has been known to shed a tear at schmoopy commercial.
     How do you all feel about this? Do you think it’s not true life, or do you enjoy a man who speaks his heart?

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