Saturday, August 8, 2015

New Release - You Are the Reason

It’s here.  It’s arrived.  It’s happened.

If you’re asking what I’m talking about, it’s my newest release, You Are the Reason.  And if you were unaware that it released yesterday, where have you been???

Okay, okay – LOL.  I know that the impact on other people hasn’t been as intense as on me.  But it is a little amusing to me to emerge for the fog of the lead up to release and go, “Huh.  Look at that.  The world is still turning.”

Several other things that I’ve noted since I’ve emerged that I was unaware of:
 - my floor desperately needs vacuuming
 - we’re out of milk and bread
 - it was Jeans for Genes day yesterday, and I forgot and didn’t send my kids to school in jeans
 - I’m glad it’s raining, because I forgot to water the plants
 - I forgot to pay the electricity bill

It’s quite a relief for Release Day to finally come.  It’s also amusing.  At times I think about the number of hours I put into the creating of the story.  The research, the head-in-the-clouds imagining, the physical writing, the rewriting and tightening, the self-editing, the checks and Google searches, the sixth, seventh and eighth reads, the preparation of submission documents, the waiting, the contracts, the editing, editing, editing, the artwork, the proofing, the blurb creation, the promo documents, the advertising banners, the social media contacts, the HUNDREDS of HOURS.

And then the readers grab the book, and it’s over in THREE hours in some cases.
I have to laugh at myself, because I often think it should be a lot more emotional and longer for the readers.  After all that work...

And it’s not even just me who’s put the work in.  The staff at Dreamspinner work extremely hard, and I am forever grateful for their hard work because they polish and prepare so much better than I could ever do.

So people are finding out some little hidden gems in You Are the Reason.  They are finding out that poor Davo threw his My Little Ponies out when he was eleven because of a homophobic teacher.  They get to roll their eyes at the extremes that he has gone to in order to eradicate anything girly from his life.  The readers are meeting Maxine, Jake and Patrick’s newborn daughter, and finding out that although cute, she’s turning their life upside down.  And the readers are also getting to understand the depths of Davo’s fear of vaginas.

Yes.  Vaginas.

But under the laughter and giggles, I hope that a serious message is being spread across the world.  The message is that it’s okay to be gay – and be one of those gays.  I say this sarcastically – “those” gays – because I know it.  But Dave doesn’t.  And there are a lot of people out there who also feel it.  We are reading MM fiction, yet so many of our romantic characters are buff body-perfect, or rich and famous, or even I-have-it-together.  Hey, I understand as much as the next person that this is fiction, but at the same time, I remember what fiction did for me as a teen and adult trying to work out what my place in this life is.  Books were my lifeline.  They were my escape, and in a world where photoshopped images and perfect Hollywood actors are common, they remind me that not everyone is like that.

I love to have non-perfect people in my stories.  I love to have diversity in my characters.  Do I do it deliberately? – Yes and no.

I don’t like to restrict myself to one “type” of character.  I don’t always do twinks, or straight-acting gays, or young guys.  I don’t always have bears, or older guys, or in-the-closet unsures.  I like to switch it up – I’m versatile.  And YES – that was a deliberately bad pun.
Is one character easier to write for me than another?  Hmm – yes.  I like to laugh at and with my characters, so flamboyant twinks are easy to write.  Hank from The Shearing Gun was also easy.  He was down-to-earth and could laugh at himself.  Uptight-know-it-alls need not apply at Renae’s door when she’s looking for characters.

Initial reviews are out for my new release, and one thing that I have loved, but have been extremely surprised at, is the adoration for Lee in You Are the Reason.  The book is written from Dave’s point of view, and after I finished writing, I sat back and fretted that I didn’t put enough Lee into the book.  Dave undergoes some enormous changes in his character – his acceptance of himself and Lee just a starting point – but Lee is steadfastly true and doesn’t change at all.  He patiently and wisely waits for Dave to work through his stuff.

But on my second view of the book, this is exactly what needs to happen.  Dave is wrong about how he feels that gay guys must be and act.  Lee is exactly fine how he is.  Lee doesn’t need to change, but Davo does.

So I hope you pick up a copy of the book, and read Davo’s transformation with delight and open hearts.  Because Davo really does need to be loved – he gets there in the end and realises how wrong he’s been.  And how right Lee is for him.

In order to celebrate my release of You Are the Reason, I’ve organised a scavenger hunt.  I will be releasing ONE WORD as the hunt item on several stops of my blog tour.  In order to WIN an eBook copy of the book, follow along the blog tour and find a minimum of FIVE unique words.  Email the five words to me at before August 16th to be in the draw.

Today’s word is:  DREAMSPINNER

I look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. This is exactly why your books resonate with me: diversity and uncommonly true human characteristics. I too am looking for books with characters that my kids can identify with. Those characters that are not so perfect but turn out to be "wonderful human beings" which is all I hope and dream that my kids will be.
    Go forth and receive all the book blessings Renae for you deserve them.

  2. Thank you May. {big hugs} I hope your kids have their dreams fulfilled too. Let's all go forth and be humans. :)