Saturday, August 15, 2015

Rambling Renae

Today I got out into the garden.

**shock horror**

It was unseasonably warm – 26 degrees Celsius (80F) in the middle of winter.  I had my jumper off (sweater to you Americans) and was shovelling compost and digging in pots to refresh the soil.  It was good.

You see, I’ve been very bad lately.  I haven’t balanced the work-life see-saw very well.  It’s been more work and less life for a couple of months now.  Completely my fault, I agree.

When you work in a 9-5 type job, you have a place that you need to drag yourself to and completely your work.  Then you come home.  Yes, some of us have bring work home, but we try to tell ourselves that work is work and home is home.  In a set job, you get a weekend.

When you’re a writer, you don’t get a weekend.  You don’t get a day off.  You don’t get to go home and veg for a while.  You’re always on, and you have to learn to say, “Guess what? I’m having a break.”  It is very hard to do.  So turning off and going out in the garden today was a lesson I had to learn – it is good for me.  It is good not to be thinking and replying to emails and editing.  It was good to enjoy the sunshine and watch the plants grow.

Self-employment can be like that.  The harder you work, the more reward.  And how much is enough?  Enough is for me that my body is saying, “Time out, Renae!”  I hate to whinge on blogs, but the truth is that as I sit here, I’m in a lot of pain.  My 5yo daughter had a bad nightmare the other night, which meant she ended up in my bed with hubby and me, which meant I slept funny, which meant I buggered my shoulder.  Being a writer means I sit in one position for a long time, not a good look for a sore shoulder and now something drastic has happened. 

My husband (ever so thoughtfully) at 9pm on a Saturday night told me, “You need to see a physio.”

Of course at the time I was nearly crying in pain as he rubbed cream into my shoulder.  I turned around and snapped, “What now?  Should I try to phone them now?”

He was right – I should’ve realised the damage I was doing earlier and stopped. 

So I’m vowing to take better care of me.  And I’m vowing to take more time out.  And I’m vowing to take more time to read other people’s work and enjoy it!  Seriously.  I need to read something other than Renae Kaye for a bit.  Renae is a great writer and I enjoy her work, but I always seem to know what is going to happen in the story for some reason...

Yeah, okay.  Look – it’s late at night, I’m in pain, I took some tablets which are starting to kick in, and I had to be up before the sun rose this morning to take my son to his football game.  Then I shovelled some yucky stuff for a while.  Shit.  Literally.  We have chooks (hens) and they fertilise the garden for us, but they don’t nicely do their poo on the plants.  Someone needs to move it around.  

All this means is I’m dead tired, rubbing at my eyes, and needing to go to bed.

So this is a blog, and I have no idea what I’m supposed to say (pain + tablets = not so clear head) so I will end off with a reminder.  If you haven’t bought my book, try it **hint hint**.  If you don’t want to, I don’t mind – but maybe try another author.  And then sit down, relax and chill for a while.  

Because we all need time out.

And if you’re looking for me tomorrow?  I will be staring at the TV and shouting.  Why? – check this out...


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