Tuesday, August 11, 2015

wherein we talk about writing

<BA> Boo.
 <sean> eeeek!
 <sean> that never gets old
 <BA> I know, right?
 * BA leans
 <BA> how's it going?
 <sean> it's going
 <sean> you?
 <BA> it's toodling along
 <sean> I'm watching american ninja warrior :)
 <BA> woot!
 <BA> I'm watching So You Think You Can Dance
 <sean> cool
 <sean> is Julia joining us tonight?
 <BA> I don't know. She's having a bit of a headache.
 <sean> that's a shame
 <BA> you may just have to have me
 <sean> I can live with that
 <sean> *grins*
 <BA> *grins*
 <BA> So, did you always want to be a writer?
 <BA> Like forever?
 * sean ponders
 <sean> I was writing before I realized it was something you could be
 <BA> yeah?
 <sean> making up stories and stuff
 <BA> nods
 <BA> my first story was the Magic Muffin Machine
 <sean> oh, I love it
 <BA> it was a cautionary tale about what happens when your mother doesn't make you blueberry muffins
 <sean> *cackles*
 <sean> my first official written story was the The Tomb of King Tutoooooooooooo
 <BA> heeeee
 <sean> and the o's went on for muliple lines in pencil
 <BA> Tutoooooooooooooooooooooooo
 <sean> nods
 <sean> it was a ghost story
 <BA> I love it
 <BA> that's amazing
 <sean> *grins*
 <BA> was there a mummy?
 <BA> I like mummies
 <sean> nods
 <sean> there was
 <BA> excellent!
 <BA> okay, what kind of person haven't you written about that you want to?
 <sean> oh that's an interesting one
 <sean> I'd like to write an astronaut
 <BA> yeah?
 <sean> and I'd like to do a story set in the south pole
 <BA> that would be tough
 <BA> because there's SO MUCH
 <sean> nods
 <BA> that's like a pilot -- that's a whole different world
 <sean> heeee
 <sean> nods
 <sean> what about you?
 <BA> I'd like to write a ballet dancer
 <sean> oh cool
 <sean> I have an ex ballet dancer
 <BA> can you imagine that?
 <BA> a guy raised on a ranch
 <BA> that becomes a ballet dancer?
 * BA grins
 <sean> oh man, his family and friends would not get that
 <BA> nods
 <BA> that's it
 <BA> it's TOTALLY a different world
 <sean> yeah
 <BA> but there are so many people that know that world
 <BA> that would crucify me for getting it wrong
 <sean> nods
 <sean> it would take some major research
 <BA> although, you know
 <BA> I bet if I asked for help online
 <sean> someone who knew would be willing to help
 <BA> folks would point me in the right direction
 <BA> nods
 <BA> is there anything else? Sometimes I think about writing someone from New York
 <BA> someone from a big city
 <BA> but I had a hell of a time writing someone from California
 <BA>  ;-)
 <sean> LOL
 <BA> well, and I don't consider the Texas cities big, somehow
 <BA> they're just home
 <sean> nods
 <sean> I know what you mean
 <sean> Montreal didn't seem like a big city when I lived there, but it does now
 <BA> nodnods
 <BA> I liked when we visited Montreal together
 <sean> nods
 <BA> we should go to Quebec City some time
 <sean> we should - it's an entirely different feel
 <BA> okay! let's go!
 <BA> :D
 <sean> :)
 <BA> Okay, lovely. I need a shower and a snack.
 <sean> okay babe
 <BA> Love you so. Thanks for hanging out with me.
 <sean> I'm pretty tired tonight
 <sean> *smooches*
 <sean> ditto
 <BA> *hugs your neck*
 <sean> night babe
 <BA> night lovely

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