Tuesday, August 4, 2015

would you rather....

<sean> bonjour
 <BA> hola
 <julia> howdy
 * julia side eyes BA
 <julia> we switched greetings methinks
 <BA> nods
 <sean> heee
 <BA> it's a thing
 <sean> nods
 <julia> well, we are a matched set
 <BA> you know if real people cabbage-headed as much as the CSI people did
 <BA> no police work would ever get done
 <sean> cabbage-headed?
 <julia> info dumping
 <BA> nods -- info dumping
 <sean> ah
 <sean> nods
 <julia> congrats on your #1 Sean!
 <sean> thank you!
 <julia> I'm not bitter that I'm only at 3
 <julia> lalala
 <sean> heee
 <BA> she lies.
 <sean> *cackles*
 <julia> hey!
 <julia> okay, maybe a little
 <julia> so
 <BA> buttons
 <julia> today we're going to play would you rather
 <sean> okay
 <BA> as in would you rather eat a cockroach or a tarantula?
 <julia> yes
 <sean> *gags*
 <julia> a cockroach for me, please
 <sean> although I watched Bear Grills show how to eat a tarantula today
 <sean> so I'm going with it as I know how to cook it properly ;)
 <BA> I guess it would depend if it was a dare (cockroach) or a hunger thing (tarantula)
 <julia> ew
 <julia> Would you rather never have coffee again or live without TV forever?
 <BA> fuck TV
 <julia> how did I know
 <sean> heee
 <sean> easy
 <sean> I don't drink coffee
 <julia> I could give up TV as long as I have books
 <julia> Sean is an abberation
 <BA> well we knew that
 <BA> your turn, Sean
 <sean> would you rather watch Frozen fifty times in a row or get hit by a car
 <julia> bring on the car
 <BA> I'm relatively sure getting hit by a car would be a better story
 <sean> heeee
 <julia> and you could show off the scars
 <julia> with frozen they're all emotional
 <BA> more scars, better stories
 <julia> yep
 <sean> i'll take frozen, 'cause I have a knack for sleeping through animated movies
 <BA> woud you rather get eaten by a shark or die in an airplane crash?
 <julia> hmmm
 <julia> you know I hate to fly
 <julia> but
 <julia> airplane would presumable be fast
 <sean> yeah
 <julia> where a shark is going to go slow and in pieces
 <sean> I'd pick the airplane for that reason
 <BA> airplane for me -- insurance money for the family
 <BA> *tons* of media play
 <julia> heee
 <sean> heee
 <julia> would you rather have an extra toe or a missing finger
 <sean> would you rather be able to fly or be invisible?
 <BA> extra toe and invisibility
 <julia> heee
 <julia> extra toe and flight I think
 <BA> and extra invisible toe would also work
 <sean> extra toe and fly
 <sean> lol
 <BA> would you rather rather eat only sweets or only salty?
 <julia> sweets
 <sean> salty
 <sean> I like the crunch
 <BA> I'm a salty person
 <BA> which is a surprise to no one
 <BA> I can survive on coffee and popcorn
 <julia> heee
 <julia> yes
 <julia> days
 <julia> she can just make a trash bag of popcorn
 <julia> and eat that for 2 weeks
 <sean> would you rarther sing back up for Tim McGraw for one night or have a book on the New York Times Bestseller list
 <BA> give me a bestseller, any fucking day
 <julia> LOL
 <julia> yes
 <julia> she types faster than me
 <julia> I adore Tim
 <sean> heee
 <julia> but damn
 <sean> I too would choose the bestseller
 <BA> would you rather be rich or famous?
 <julia> Rich please
 <julia> famous is too much work
 <sean> rick!
 <julia> who's rick?
 <sean> rich
 <julia> ;)
 <julia> Rick Springfield?
 <BA> *giggles*
 <julia> Ranger Rick?
 <BA> Rick Astley? (isn't that a famous person?)
 <julia> he looks like Howdy Doody
 <julia> okay, one last round
 <julia> everyone has to come up with a sex question
 <julia> Would you rather watch someone have sex, or have someone watch you?
 <sean> I'd rather watch
 <julia> grins
 <julia> me too, for lo
 <julia> I am a writer
 <sean> nods
 <BA> nods
 <sean> technically that's what we already do
 <julia> LOL
 <julia> no
 <julia> we're more like mean kids directing a really complicated game of Twister
 <sean> lol
 <BA> no, we torture characters with the promise of random boinking
 <BA> would you rather write six characters all having sex together at the same time
 <BA> or
 <BA> three characters having sex with one other person and not each other at the same time
 <sean> orgy time!
 <julia> oh god
 <sean> gimme six characters having sex together
 <BA> that's a lot of legs
 <julia> I'll take option 2 because I've never written that
 <julia> I've  people having sex
 <julia> so many pronouns
 <BA> I think it would be interesting to validate the reasons between three people having sex with one person at the same times and not touching
 <BA> there would have to be body condoms
 <BA> and weird wounds
 <BA> and possibly some alien mind control thing
 <julia> you are an odd duck
 <BA> well, duh
 <BA> but YOU  married me
 <julia> huh
 <julia> strange how that works
 <BA> okay, sean. You're up
 <sean> would you rather have sex in the snow or sex in jello?
 <julia> I'll go with the snow. That would be over fast and Jell-O makes me gag
 <sean> heee
 <sean> I love snow so obviously I'd pick it
 <BA> huh
 <BA> would it be soft jello or jello jiggler jello
 <BA> because that makes a difference
 <julia> an important distinction
 <sean> jello jiggler jello
 <BA> then I'm up for that
 <BA> it'd be like having sex on a trampoline
 <sean> heee
 <BA> okay, the dogs need their snack
 <BA> time for pimping
 <BA> *ahem*
 <sean> heeee
 <sean> I voted :)
 <julia> I did too!
 <julia> Uh, Gage and Hamish are out
 <julia> Full Moon Dating
 <julia> at ARE and Amazon
 <julia> lalala
 <sean> Wooo
 <sean> Healing Fire is out at ARE :)
 <julia> WOO
 <julia> dragons, yes?
 <sean> nods
 <sean> yeah, it's a fantasy
 <julia> coolios
 <julia> yay us!
 <julia> hugs
 <julia> okay
 <julia> I have 500 more words tonight to get to goal
 <julia> time to sprint
 <BA> love you
 <BA> *waves*
 <BA> night lovely
 <sean> night hon

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