Monday, September 7, 2015

Coconut Toddy by Cardeno C.

Happy Monday! Today I have an interesting recipe to share. I fell in love with the toddy (cold brew coffee) when I first tried it and since then, I've wanted to experiment with it. The toddy has two ingredients - (1) a ground solid (coffee) and (2) a liquid (water). That means there are a few different ways to change it up: 

Step A
1. Switch out the liquid (replace water with something else), 
2. Switch out the solid (replace the coffee with something else), and 
3. Add another ingredient. 

I'm going to try all three! Today, I'll share the results of the first option: instead of cold-brewing my coffee in plain water, I did it in coconut water. Here's what I did:
Step C
Step B
A. I poured a little bit of coconut water into my container just to have wetness on the bottom. (Note that I make my toddy in a container made for the purpose, but I think it can be done in any container if you have a filter to pour it through.)

B. Next, I added the coffee (16 oz total).

Step D
C. I poured in the rest of the coconut water (2 one liter bottles total).

D. I gently pushed down the top of the dry coffee at the top to make sure it was wet all the way around.

E. That's it for the preparation part. Now it's brewing time. I left the coconut water/coffee mix on the counter for about 15 hours.

Step F
F. The next step is straining the grounds from the water. With the toddy container, that's done by removing a plug at the bottom and placing it on a bottle. If you're using a regular container, this is the part where you'd pour your concoction through a filter. 
Step G

G. Once all the liquid is strained out, I had my toddy - a cold brewed, concentrated coffee. 
Step H

H. I took a chilled glass, added ice, and poured in my coffee. That's it - coconut toddy done!

Optional Alternatives: I tried a couple of alternatives in serving this one. 

Step I
I. I'm a fan of lime and I think it usually works really well with coconut, so I added some fresh squeezed lime juice to the glass when serving it. 

Step J
J. Half and half is a great addition to coffee and the creamy aspect of it works well with coconut, so I added half and half to the glass when serving it.

Result: The twist I used - coconut water instead of regular water - came through very strongly. For me, the coconut flavor overpowered the drink and I didn't like it. If you're a fan of coconut though, I highly recommend this because you can't miss the flavor and you'll be thrilled. The lime was a nice twist, for me especially because I like lime. Same with the half and half.

Have a great week!



  1. I've got to admit I've never heard of a toddy other than the hot alcohol one - maybe that's a UK thing - but I quite a fancy the idea of a cold coffee drink. Maybe using almond milk would be nice?

  2. Well, that was incoherent and I don't see an edit button so...I meant maybe we only have hot toddies in the UK (where I am) since a quick ask around the room seemed to agree to us knowing only whisky, rum and brandy versions! (And no, this isn't an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting!)

    1. Those toddies are a different (and yummy) variety. This is basically a slow, cold brew coffee that creates a coffee concentrated for iced coffee. They sell it in some coffee shops but not much because it takes so long to make that they often run out.

      I love iced coffee, even more than hot actually. Almond milk is an interesting idea. I wonder if it'd be too thick. Hmmmmm....

  3. Aha, I didn't get the concentrated part! So pretty strong. Hmmm, that's why I thought cold would be nicer, I'm not a fan of strong coffee. I will percolate (pun intended!).