Friday, September 25, 2015

Oops by Felice Stevens

Yep I forgot my post today. I'm sitting here at work thinking that I know there is something I need to do....

So sorry everyone. My head is in fifteen different directions this morning. The story I thought to put out for a charity set is instead going to be a stand alone, which means I have to write a new story. Like yesterday. And I am waiting on first round edits for the second book in The Breakfast Club series-Zach's story.

I am baby/cat-sitting my daughter's cat this weekend as she's off to her first Young Alumni weekend back at school. So I get to have a kitty for the weekend. Yay! 

And then there is GRL and packing..what to take, what not to take. Swag too much or too little. I go on line and I'm like "Oooh look... how cute!" A few clicks later and I've ordered...I don't even remember.

So that's my life at the moment. Crazy whirlwind of stuff....

Didn't I write only a week or so ago that I was slowing down?

So much for that 

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