Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Question and Answer Time by BA Tortuga, Julia Talbot and Sean Michael

If you were an animal, what would you be?
Julia: A golden retriever
BA: My mother says I'm like a badger. 
Sean: A polar bear.

What was your favorite toy when you were a child?
Julia: I had a stuffed donkey. He was orange.
BA: Brown cow. He was, well, brown.
Sean: I had a homemade Pluto stuffie that I loved to pieces.

What do you want your tombstone to say?
Julia: She wrote all the things
BA: Spontaneous human combustion is a bitch.
Sean: I love snow.

Have you ever been in a bar fight? Explain.
BA: does beating a woman up in the beer section of the WalMart count?
Julia: Yes. In college. It was very if West Side Story only with rednecks and David Allan Coe music.
Sean: No. I'm not the bar type.

What is your biggest phobia?
Julia: Spiders and heights
Sean: Heights!

Who is your favorite DIsney princess?
Julia: Mulan
BA: Ursula
Julia: Ursuala is not a princess
BA: She has a crown
Sean: how about Tinkerbell?
What is your favorite breakfast food?
Julia: Pancakes
BA: Cheerios! I love my Os!
Sean: Bacon!

Garden gnomes. Good or evil? Discuss.
Julia: Clearly evil. What are they doing all night when you sleep?
BA: Thus far all my garden gnomes (I have eight) have not proved to be particularly evil and, so far, I've never had snakes in the house. I prefer to believe they are chaotic neutral guardians.
Sean: I love garden gnomes, but I think they're probably more evil than good.

Do you know all the words to your national anthem?
Julia: yes
 Julia: But I can only remember 2 words of Sean's
BA: *nods* I know all of mine, I know 4 syllables of Sean's, however I can sing all of "Blame Canada"
Sean: I know all the words to Oh Canada (half in French, half in English) and I think I know all the words of the US one, too.

Would you rather go bungee jumping or skydiving?
Julia: I would pass out doing either
BA: I'll do both! I'd rather ride in a hot air balloon.
Sean: I have bungee jumped and I'd do it again. Skydiving is on my bucket list. I'd love to ride in a hot air balloon, but I'm worried about my height phobia...

What was your best Halloween costume?
Julia: I went as a watermelon one year in a trash bag
BA: I went as a bag of gum balls -- colored balloons in a clear plastic bag.
Sean: is it bad that I only remember the candy from Halloween?

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