Friday, September 18, 2015

Take two by Felice Stevens

     So a few weeks ago I wrote a little post about being burned out and needing to slow down. Apparently I'm as bad as my kids and I don't listen to me either, since in that time period, I finished a novella continuing the story of Alex and Rafe who you met in One Step Further, and I also finished the second book in the series of The Breakfast Club, entitled "Betting on Forever."

     Honestly though, the novella is for a holiday charity boxed set I'm doing with some wonderful authors and has to be in by September 30th. Betting on Forever was almost completed so I didn't rush anything and write like a fool. It all came naturally and I'm thrilled with the way both stories came out. 

     I loved writing a Chanukah story for Rafe and Alex; frankly I could keep writing about them they're just that much fun, so I thought I'd give a little exclusive teaser:

Damn, he never could hide anything from Alex. Inexplicably nervous, Rafe cleared his throat. “Um, I was thinking we might revisit the subject of having a baby.”
Relief mixed with set determination replaced the anxiety in Alex’s face. “You’re kidding, right? We went at each other like animals after only being apart a few days. Right now I want nothing than to spend tonight and tomorrow with you in bed, the phone turned off and to hell with the rest of the world. How would a baby fit in with those plans?”
“The way it does with couples who already have a child and do this. You and I both know plenty of married people have children when one partner works long hours out of the home.”
“Yeah,” said Alex his voice flat and jaw tensed with anger. “If both partners agree then there’s no problem. I want to wait.”
In all their years together it wasn’t their first disagreement, but this wasn’t something innocuous either, like what color to paint the living room or if they should continue to rent or buy a beach house.  Alex seemed to think he made the decision and Rafe needed to fall in line behind him, no questions asked. Maybe five years ago he would have, but Rafe was a different man now, and he’d thought Alex had changed too.
“I don’t understand why you think you have the final and only say, why we can’t talk it out like we do everything else. You’re acting like my opinion means nothing.”
Instead of cuddling together in bed and falling asleep in each other’s arms like he’d anticipated, they were arguing. Arguing about something they both wanted but Alex’s internal struggle went deeper than adopting a baby and it frustrated Rafe that he wouldn’t open up and share. Hadn’t they moved beyond this point?
“I didn’t say it meant nothing, but it’s a life-changing decision.” Alex flung the sheets off of his legs. “I’m not ready, and I don’t think it’s a good time for us. Why can’t you understand?” He stormed away to the bathroom, banging the door behind him so hard it knocked a picture askew on the wall.
In shock, Rafe sat frozen in their bed. What was happening to their marriage and to Alex?


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