Friday, October 9, 2015

A Bump in the Road by Felice Stevens

     It is something that I've been avoiding for weeks but eventually I knew they'd catch up with me.

     In September I had a biopsy of a spot on my nose. I knew most likely it was some form of skin cancer; last year I had a similar kind of spot and had to have what's called a Mohs procedure, where they take off a bit more than the original biopsy and see how deep the skin cancer goes.

     Last time it was kind of deep, but I had an excellent plastic surgeon and he was able to fix me up well enough that you probably wouldn't notice if I wore makeup. 

     I diligently wore my sunscreen all summer but as the doctor said, this damage was done years ago, not now. So after GRL, I will be going in to have this done and wind up with another little scar. I have plenty. I'm used to it.

     I'm very thankful. It isn't melanoma; it's very treatable and will require me to be even more diligent about sun protection.

     So while this is not pleasant, I will try and focus on the positive and that is my upcoming trip to GRL in San Diego next week. I can't wait to meet all the readers and other authors; I'm counting the days!! 

     And in case you missed it, I had a cover reveal for my Chanukah novella releasing in early Dec. It is a continuation of Alex and Rafe's story from One Step Further, five years down the line. The cover is by Dar Albert of Wicked Design and I love it. You can find the blurb and add it to your Goodreads shelf here:


  1. Good luck with the surgery! My hubby has had many of those little suckers removed. He's a ginger so.... :)

  2. Thanks...My mom had reddish hair but I am SO fair-skinned Im not surprised this is happening.