Monday, October 5, 2015

Ask CC (10.05.15) by Cardeno C.

Happy Monday! It's time for an Ask CC post, but first, if you're ready for a new book, my new novella Jesse's Diner released on Tuesday. Happy reading!

  • Question: Have you ever developed a character you didn't like but needed to make the book complete?
CC: As far as main characters go, I don't think I could write a book with one I didn't like for two main reasons. First, my stories are character driven, which means I need to know the characters first and foremost and I couldn't spend as much time in my head as that takes with a character I don't enjoy. The other, and probably the bigger, reason is that to write a worthwhile main character, I have to see what makes him likable and lovable, and then I need to show that to the reader. If I can't figure out what makes a character do what he does, including the not-so-nice things, in a way that shows he is still worthy of love and happiness then I can't show that to readers, which means I haven't accomplished something absolutely critical in a romance novel. 

  • Question: [These two are similar so I'm grouping them together. - CC] 
    • Are you planning to write a sequel to More than Everything? I don't want the story of Scott, Adan and Charlie to end yet.
    • I loved Jason and Abe from Half of Us.  Any chance for a continuation of their story.  I've read that book several times.
CC: I'm not a sequel writer, so as of right now, no, I don't have any plans to write sequels to the Family books. As I've been editing those books for the 2nd editions that'll be released in a week or so, I've been reminded of how much I love those characters so maybe one day, when I'm caught up on my to-be-written list (hahaha!), I'll find time to visit them again for a short of some kind.

  • Question: [These two are similar so I'm grouping them together. - CC] 
    • Will you write anymore Siphon stories?
    • When is our second Siphon book coming out? Very excited about this one, I'm sure it's the baaaby.
CC: Absolutely! I have a few Siphon stories in my to-be-written list. I just need more hours in the day to get to them. And if by baby you mean a male pregnancy in this collection, that isn't on the agenda. I know readers love this idea and it is something I'm working on, but not in the Siphon universe.

  • Question: Hi CC, I've been dying to read Jobe's story ever since I read Blue Mountain when it first came out!! You mention he's the Red River Alpha's son. Please tell you're going to write his story soon?? I'm guessing he's an Omega?? And I love the Omega/Alpha stories!! But even if he's not I get the feeling I'm going to adore his story any way it comes :)
CC: Jobe's story, Red River, will be my next new release. Time never slows down the way I want it to so I don't have a final release date yet, but I'm confident (*cough*), it'll be in 2015. And as far as whether he's an Omega, well, that's something we can all learn together. ;)

  • Question: reading order for Mates series. Are they standalone? Can they be read in any order? Thought UNTIL FOREVER COMES sounds interesting, but the reviews on Amazon were confusing. Is this a prequel? Please advise. Thanks, Judy
CC: The Mates books can absolutely be read in any order, same with the books in any of my collections. I don't write my books chronologically so the timelines often overlap or flip and the publication order isn't a reading order. The books in the Mates collection have very different voices and main characters so you might want to try the samples on Amazon and see which one grabs you most.

  • Question: Hi!  I purchased the original version of Perfect Imperfections and just noticed that there is a new version.  Is there a big difference in the two? Thank you. Ree Dee
CC: Hi, Ree Dee. The 2nd edition of Perfect Imperfections has some minor edits and a beautiful new cover but other than that, the only difference is that I incorporated the bonus chapter that I had online into the end of the book. If you've got the first edition, save your money and skip the 2nd.
  • Question: [The following are similar so I'm grouping them together. - CC]
    • I have the first recording of all of your audio books. I see that Until Forever Comes has been re-released by the same narrator. Is the content  significantly different?  I am going to get the second editions of the ones read by Alexander Collins.  Just bought the first one. Yay! 
    • Hi CC! I was wondering about the newly released audiobook of "Until Forever Comes". It's narrated by Charlie David and I was wondering what the difference is between this one and the former version that was also narrated by him. I already have the old one (which I noticed quite recently when I listened to it again for the I-don't-even-know-how many-times suddenly seemed to include a little bit I swear I hadn't heard before?) so I'd really like to know if I'm somehow missing out by not buying the new one. Thanks! (: //Jamie
    • Question: Hi CC I've read all of your books and was wondering if the second editions you've been working on, especially the Mates Collection, are different enough from the first edition to warrant purchasing a second time?? Adore your work CC!
CC: The 2nd editions of the Mates books are edited with gorgeous new covers, but they're not much different. The audio books follow the newly edited manuscripts, but because those aren't much different, neither are the audios. Of all my 2nd editions, Wake Me Up Inside had the most intensive edits, but the story itself remains substantively the same.

Thanks so much for the wonderful questions! If you want to ask me a question that I'll answer on a future blog post, you can let me know here. Have a great week.