Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Halloween Q&A with BA, Julia and Sean

Halloween is coming! One thing all three of us agree on is that we love love love Halloween. Maybe for different reasons: BA loves horror movies, I love candy and costumes and Sean loves mini chocolate bars and cooler fall weather.

So here are a few Halloween themed Q&As from all of us!

What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid?

Julia: Cinderella. I wore it to my kindergarten party. 70s plastic masks, baybee. When I was a teenager I did every Halloween as a gypsy. I always had a peasant blouse and a circle skirt and dangly earrings

BA: Pinky Tuscadero from Happy Days. No one knew who I was but I adored her. I was a pumpkin. I wore my Raggedy Ann costume to rags.

Sean: I often went as a hobo because it was cheap to put together.

What's your favorite Halloween treat? Your least favorite?

Julia: Oh, God, I love Smarties and Bottle Caps. Snickers were the best to get during trick or treat. I hate those black and orange wrapped things that purport to be caramel or nougat and I hate mushy homemade popcorn balls.

BA: Sixlets. Candy coated round things. Those orange and black things! OMG.

Sean: My favourite were always the Rockets candy rolls (I do believe they're called smarties in the US). Those black and orange things are apparently called Molasses Kisses (I had to look it up, everyone knows exactly what we're talking about but none of us know what they're called). Those are the worst!

The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown or Disney Halloween special?

Julia: Charlie Brown

BA: Disney Halloween

Sean: definitely Linus and his great pumpkin. I'm not sure I've ever seen the Disney Halloween special...

Did you ever play tricks or go to haunted houses or graveyards?

Julia: I did toilet paper someone's house. Okay both my parents are dead so I can admit it was my house.

BA: As a kid, no. As a teenager, absolutely no comment.

Sean: gotta admit my answer to this one is no.

Did you have a special trick or treat bag or a pillowcase?

Julia: My mom sewed us bags

BA: We had the plastic punkins

Sean: the newspaper used to include a Halloween themed thin plastic bag in it leading up to the big day and that's what I used (and I think it was the newspaper, it could have been from somewhere else, but that's what I remember)

What's the best jack-o-lantern you ever made/ had made for you?

Julia: My stepson made me a cthulhu one year

BA:  I hate pumpkin guts so everyone else does them for me. Pumpkin guts really do make me throw up.

Sean: We never went for fancy, but it was always fun to help carve them

A Nightmare Before Christmas or Hocus Pocus?

Julia: Hocus Pocus

BA: This is Halloween this is Halloween, Halloween Halloween.... Uh. Yeah.

Sean: A Nightmare before Christmas

Corn Maze, pumpkin patch or hayride?

Julia: Corn maze. I may not be able to find all the clue stations but I can get you out in 5 minutes or find the water station over and over

BA: Pumpkin patch: Hay makes me itch. Corn has worms.

Sean: Corn mazes make me claustrophobic, I'm allergic to hay -- I'll definitely go with the pumpkin patch!

What decorations did you put up this year?

BA and Julia: a light up owl, a light up raven, skeleton lights, witch pumpkins, ghost lights, and wind socks with green and orange streamers. Oh, and Candy corn lights!

Sean: a zombie crossing sign, a black and orange pumpkin and skeleton decorated wreath, a fake jack o lantern with an orange light inside, a blow up mummy with a candy bag, and a huge blow up dragon that actually flaps its wings!

Happy Halloween!

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