Monday, October 12, 2015

I Tried it at Home: Peeling Hard Boiled Eggs by Cardeno C.

Happy Monday! Today I have a great I Tried it At Home to share. Lately, I've seen quite a few videos and links on Facebook about the best way to peel a hard boiled egg. I think that might be because I clicked on one and Facebook figured me out so it kept popping more up there. 

Whatever the reason, I've been checking them out but most off them didn't strike me as different from what I usually do - put eggs in cold water, bring water to boil, turn off water and leave eggs covered for about 15 minutes, put eggs in ice bath, when they're cool tap them on the counter, peel. That gets the peel off but not in a very clean way and the eggs end up hacked.

Well, then I saw this link where the blogger basically says she used to use my approach and it didn't work well until she made one change. Already, I was listening. Then she explained the one change - boil the water first. That, apparently, made all the difference. I wasn't convinced but I thought I'd give it a go and, other than one fairly critical problem along the way, it worked! Here are the details:

The Original Eggs

Step 1
Step 1: Bring the water to a boil. This is the big difference between what I've always done (put the eggs in cold water & then boil) and what actually works.

Step 2: Basket to Saucepan Ratio 
Step 2: Put the eggs into the water. Okay, here's where things went wonky for me, but it's an easy fix. The instruction person used a wire basket to "gently" put the eggs into the water. I thought - hey, no problem. I have a wire basket. 
I even checked to make sure the basket fit in the saucepan and it did. The problem, however, is that it fit when I put it in wire side down, but 
Step 2: Leaking Eggs.
its circumference wasn't smaller than the saucepan. You can probably see where I'm going with this. I couldn't really get a gentle drop from the rim of the pan and the eggs plopped in and there were casualties. Three of the five eggs cracked and their eggy insides started leaking out. Next time, I'll use a one cup measuring cup and put the eggs in one at a time. *Gently*. The problem will then be resolved. For this trial, I took the leaking eggs out of the saucepan. That left two whole eggs in the saucepan.
Step 3: Whole Eggs, Boiling

Step 3:  Gently boil the eggs for 13 minutes.

Step 4: Dropping Eggs In Bath
Step 4: Drop the eggs into an ice bath. To do this, I prepared the ice bath first. Then I drained the eggs through that handy wire basket that wasn't so handy in step 1. And only when I had the eggs alone, did I put them into the ice bath.

Step 5: Cracked Eggs
Step 5: After 3.5 minutes, tap each cold egg on the bottom of the sink, going all 
the way around the egg until it's thoroughly cracked.

Step 6: Peel the eggs.  
Step 6: The Peeled Eggs & Shells

Result: This totally worked! I had big pieces of shell and perfect eggs - no chunks as casualties of the peeling. 

Result: The Perfectly Peeled Eggs

I'm really excited about this new hard boiled egg peeling method. It's only a small change from what I've always done, but it makes all the difference. The key is to be gentle when you put those eggs in the water and to be gentle, you have to remember that size (of the container used to drop the eggs) matters. Go small, y'all.

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