Friday, October 30, 2015

It's All About the Goodies by Felice Stevens

I'll admit it. I'm a secret Halloween candy stealer. When my kids were little, it was only natural not to let them eat their horde of sugary deliciousness at once; they were allowed to pick out a few pieces per night,  until I was lucky enough that they eventually they grew tired of the same miniature candy, or ran out of the candy they liked.

The fun part for them, like it was for me when I was young, was coming home after the trick-or-treating and dumping all the candy on the floor and doing trades with my brother. I don't like nuts in my candy and he didn't like gummies (weirdo), so we would swap. By day three I was flying high and my insides felt as though they were coated in sugar.

I grew up in a neighborhood full of old Victorian homes and we knew all our neighbors. In those days we didn't go with a parent; we went in a huge mass of kids. We knew who we could get the unwrapped treats from and who would be good to give us extra candy. At my house we'd make treat bags and my mom would hand them out, all the while yelling at my father to stop sneaking the chocolate. She was definitely the Candy Police.

So what were my favorites? I loves the little Milky Way bars and would stick them in the freezer. I also loved M&M's (not peanut), and the Hershey's miniatures, especially the Special Dark. In non-chocolate-related candy, I loved blow-pops (no jokes please), Skittles and and anything chewy. Bonomo Turkish Taffy and fruit jells were also a favorite. 

So what were your favorite Halloween candy treats growing up?


  1. I love the mini Hershey bars! Just enough chocolate in a bite. But I love the little bags of M&M's and Skittles because they're the perfect writing treats. :)

  2. Miniature Hershey or Reeses PB cups love Swedish fish (red)