Monday, October 26, 2015

Writing Recap (Sept & Oct, 2015) by Cardeno C.

Happy Monday! It’s time for writing recap. As a bonus, this writing recap answers a couple of Ask CC questions I received.

Speaking of 2nd editions, here's an Ask CC question: “I have all the first editions to your books. Do u have to re buy them? I mean are there a lot of changes to them?” My 2nd editions are edited with new covers, and the Home books and Perfect Imperfections have bonus chapters incorporated at the end that I previously had online, but there are not a lot of changes so if you already own them, save your money. 

  • Audio Books Galore!
    • Perfect Imperfections narrated by Charlie David is live!
    • Also, by Charlie David, Until Forever Comes and In Your Eyes are available!
    • Two Home books (Just What the Truth Is and He Completes Me) both narrated by Alexander Collins are live.
      And this brings me to another Ask CC question: "When will the rest of the "Home" series books be in audio?  Love the whole series!!  Thanks - Judy." Thank you, Judy! Alexander Collins is working on
      more Home books. The narration/production process is lengthy but we'll get those audio books out there as soon as we can.
    • I have a new narrator who’s starting working on the Family books and he gave me serious sniffles and feels and goosebumps, y’all. I’m beyond excited about these.
Have a great week and if you have any questions for me for a future Ask CC post, you can ask them here.



  1. Such great news about Alexander Collins and the Home books, and the new Family books narrator. I cannot wait!

    1. Yes. Great news all around on the audio front. I love these amazing narrators who bring my characters to life.