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Ask Andrew - The Ladies Who Write MM Romance - Andrew Grey

Dear Andrew

I am an avid reader of the M/M genre.  My question comes from recent newsletters for other authors I've gotten.  Once again there are people who criticize the efforts authors put into their storyline saying that women truly do not understand how to pull an M/M story together and all they truly care about is the sex scenes.

If the story is researched properly and the author has a level of emotional connection to the characters, does the gender of the author truly matter?  What are your thoughts on this?  Can there be storylines with very little sex scenes? (I think so)

Interested in your view.

Dear Sheryl

I decided to answer your question because it is probably the one I am asked most often.  As a guy I get their question as conventions and from other readers.  I love lady MM authors.  They write wonderful stories that I can't put down.  I'm not going to list names, but there are two that I consider my writing sisters and I love their work and them.  If a story is good, with great characters and a compelling story, I don't care if a man, women, goat, cow or chicken wrote it.  What matters to me is the story.

As for the whole sex scene thing.  There are some stories that consist of too much sex and not enough story.  All I can say is that there is something for everyone.  I believe that sex should be used to further the story or deepen the relationship.  With the Farm Series I kept sex to a minimum because of the type of story it was.  With Eyes Only for Me, there is more sex because the story itself and the journey being taken revolves around sexual identity.

As for stories with little or no sex.  Of course there are great stories with little sex.  Right now you have a search for them because the stories with quite a bit of sex seem to be more prevalent.  After all the oldest adage in advertising is that sex sells.  That goes for romance as well.  Now there is nothing wrong with writing sexy stories or reading them.  All I'm saying is that there are stories of all types being written and there are readers who love them.  And it doesn't matter who wrote the story as long as its good.

I hope this answered your question.
Hugs and Love

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  1. Great answer! Author gender is irrelevant as long as the story is good.

  2. Great answer! Author gender is irrelevant as long as the story is good.

  3. I, as a reader, agree ... it's the story ... not the sex content or gender of the author. I just want to read Great stories... that's all .. in a nut shell. Why I ways buy your books Andrew ... the stories are varied & entertaining & balanced. Not too much .. not too little ... just right! hee hee

  4. Awesome! That whole anon thing and authors posting their beliefs really had me upset. I totally agree with you on this! I understand everyone has a right to their opinions but this is all over "fiction! Everyone likes different things. Love ya!

  5. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. The farm series was one of my favorites. You correct in saying that some stories require more sex scenes than others. Love your work and thanks again.

  6. I agree. Incidentally, there are men who write straight romance and do a great job.

    I have read some books that are filled with sex scenes and not much more and I'm wondering how the characters have time to even get to know each other. I enjoy love scenes but if a book is nothing but sex I lose interest. There needs to be a nice mix.

    You can tell the people that did their research and know enough about gay sex to write a good tale.

    And after all, romance isn't real and mostly fantasy regardless if it's LGBT or straight.