Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ask Andrew - Where to Buy - Andrew Grey

Dear Andrew

Are sales from the publisher better, such as Dreamspinner Press, or the same as from other vendors, such as Barnes and Noble or Amazon for an author?


Dear Elizabeth

Personally, I don't really care where a reader buys a copy of my books.  I'm thrilled for each and every sale.  But that isn't the question you were asking.  The best place for the author who publishes with a publisher like Dreamspinner, is to buy directly from the publisher.  The author generally is paid a percentage of what the publisher receives.  When you as a reader buy form the publisher, the author gets paid their percentage of the entire sale.

With Amazon or another site, they take a percentage off the top as their commission and then pass on the rest to the publisher who pays their royalty from what's left.  So the author gets less from that single sale. 

However almost any author that I know will tell you that to them, it matters less where you buy, but that you as a reader, purchase, read, and enjoy their work.  As writers we love when others enjoy the fruits of our imagination. 

Hugs and Love

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  1. I am so glad you feel like this Mr. Grey. I have had many problems trying to download books onto my kindle from DSP and Goodreads. However with Amazon it's one click on the buy button and within seconds it's on my kindle. I can honestly say that I have felt guilty for not buying straight from the publisher. 😃