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Ask CC (11.16.2015) by Cardeno C.

Happy Monday! I joined Instagram last week and so far I've been mostly sharing food pics but I plan to expand to puppy pics very soon. You can follow me here. And with that out of the way, it's time for an Ask CC post!

QuestionI've seen you mention a few times how long your "to write" list is! Do the characters push themselves into your mind and demand to be written, or do you write to plan and develop the characters as you go? - Caroline.

CC: Hi, Caroline! The answer to your questions is a bit of both. Characters and situations push themselves into my mind and I'm often jotting down notes for future stories. I also have a chart with my writing plans for the upcoming year. So I could have a plan to write a contemporary novel on my chart, but then I need to choose which contemporary novel from my to-be-written list gets written. For example, both Perfect Imperfections and Strange Bedfellows sat on my list for some time and then battled with each other for which book would get written first when it came time on the chart to write a contemporary, free-standing novel. 

Question: Hey :D could you give us your writing projects, like the new books you're planning to write this year?

CC: What I plan to write and what I end up having time to write often don't line up, but I'll share what I want to write in 2016:

  • The fourth and final Mates novel.
  • Love Me Again (the working title for a Hope novella).
  • A Pack novella (the two are currently battling for top billing - Purple Sky & Golden Field).
  • Knight in Tarnished Armor (the working title for a motorcycle club story).
  • An alternative universe story.
  • A Siphon novel.
  • And then there's this other shifter story idea that keeps poking my brain...

Question: I've read all but maybe 1 of your books (just not gotten to it yet) and most of them I've read MULTIPLE times - what is going on with these 2nd editions?  How extensive are the changes?  I really loved these books just the way they were...and what's up with all of these books being re-recorded by a new narrator?  I really like Paul Morey's, Sean Crisden's and Jeff Gelder's narrations (the odd mispronunciation aside) Why re-record? Also...out of curiosity...why are some of the audiobooks no longer available on iTunes?

CC: Thank you! When I got my publication rights back on my books, I had them edited and had new covers made and then I published the 2nd editions. The stories haven't changed. The Home books and Perfect Imperfections have epilogues that were previously available but not part of the books and Wake Me Up Inside was slightly restructured, but none of those changes impact the substance of the stories. Like the ebooks, the first editions of the audio books are no longer available but I'm working with terrific narrators to issue the 2nd editions in audio. I hope you enjoy them! 

Question: When is there going to be another story in the Siphon collection? I think I've read "Johnnie" about 10 times now and am eager for another one!

CC: I'm so glad you liked Johnnie! I have the next Siphon novel on my to-be-written list for 2016 and the paperback of Johnnie should be available this week.

Question: What books are you planning to release next year? Also, the second siphon book is about the woman's baby in the first right?! 

CC: I answered the first part of that question above and as far as the next Siphon book, I have a list of books for that series and I haven't yet decided which one will be next. :)

Thanks so much for the wonderful questions! If you want to ask me a question that I'll answer on a future blog post, you can let me know here. Have a great week.


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