Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Cold Weather Q&A with BA Tortuga, Julia Talbot and Sean Michael

With Halloween over and it still being a few weeks before Thanksgiving, we thought we'd do a cold-weather Q&A today.

What's your favorite cold-weather meal?
Julia: lasagna! spaghetti and meat sauce! bread! All those things that heat up the house in the summertime.
BA: chili :D
Sean: roast beef with crispy on the outside roast potatoes, brussels sprouts with bacon, and cooked carrots.

What's your favorite cold-weather drink?
Julia: Coffee and hot chocolate mixed together.
BA: Coffee. Coffee is my standard 'favorite drink'. BA + Coffee = <3
Sean: White Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream from Second Cup

What's your favorite cold-weather accessory?
Julia: my moose hat!!
BA: fuzzy socks.  I love fuzzy socks.
Sean: my Dr. Seuss thing one red and blue hat

What's your favorite cold-weather writing plot device?
Julia: stranded together in the snow or the whole "flight was cancelled" trope
Sean: getting snowed in

What's your favorite cold-weather holiday?
Julia: Halloween
BA: My birthday!
Sean: well, I do adore both Christmas and Halloween, but I get to visit BA and Julia at Thanksgiving, so I'd have to go with that.

What's your favorite cold-weather indoor activity?
Julia: snuggling in front of the fire
BA: cuddling with the wife, the puppers and a good book.
Sean: sitting inside with my white hot chocolate, writing about hot dudes

What's your favorite cold-weather outdoor activity?
Julia: Building snowpenises.
BA: snowmobiling. I love to go fast.
Sean: walking in a snowfall - so peaceful, beautiful and quiet

What's your favorite thing about cold weather?
Julia: getting inside.
BA: the fact that spring will eventually show up
Sean: snow!!

What's your favorite cold-weather movie?
Julia: White Christmas
BA: The Shining
Sean: The Day After Tomorrow (it's a terrible movie and I love it)

Do you have any books featuring cold weather?
Julia: The Moonlight Mountain series (Chosen Wolf and Found Vampire) by my alter ego Minerva Howe both feature a ton of snow. O.o
BA: If Wishes Were Horses (coming out Friday from Dreamspinner Press in the Boys in the Band anthology) is set at Christmas and A Christmas Wren is a lost-in-a-snowstorm trope book.
Sean: First Steps is set in the winter in Alaska. Several of the Chess books take place in the winter in Toronto. Some of the Shibari Auction House books are set in winter. Among others. Lot of others. You see I like winter a lot, so...

We wish you a wonderful November full of warm nights with your favorite books!

You can find us on Twitter at @seanmichael09, @juliatalbot and @batortuga.

Sean’s website is http://www.seanmichaelwrites.com
Julia’s is http://www.juliatalbot.com
BA’s is http://www.batortuga.com


Sean -- https://www.facebook.com/SeanMichaelWrites
Julia -- https://www.facebook.com/juliatalbotauthor
BA -- https://www.facebook.com/batortuga

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