Friday, November 6, 2015

Series or Stand Alone by Felice Stevens

When I was strictly a reader, I preferred to read series; nothing drew me more into a book than becoming emotionally invested with the characters. And, if I was lucky enough to discover the author well into the series, I often found myself sprawled out on my sofa, binge-reading for a weekend.

There are many wonderful stand-alone books, don't get me wrong. But something always felt a bit sad at the end of their story. I wanted more; more about their lives, perhaps more about a secondary character who I found interesting but the author didn't see fit to indulge me to write a story for them.

Then I began to write on my own and lo and behold, my first book, Rescued, was a stand alone. And although people did ask for a book about John, the bartender, I instead, found myself caught up in the story playing in my head, the stories of three foster brothers. And that was the genesis of the Hell and Back series.

One day I hope to go back and write John's story and revisit the guys from Rescued. But so far, I have other books calling to me and they all seem to tie into one another. So, in other words, more series. And the stories intersect, so we may see people from the Memories series pop up in my other series, The Breakfast Club. 

What do you like to read? Are you satisfied with a stand alone and are happy when the story ends, or do you like to see the stories of the characters continue on?


  1. Depends on the set of characters and story line. Some need to be extended and revisited and there are those that are good with just one book.

  2. I love series where there's a new couple in every book, but we might get a visit from a former couple showing us that they still are madly in love and happy.

    I'm a real sucker for HEA, so I don't usually read series that follow the same couple. If there's HEA in book 1, something bad usually happens in book 2 threatening to break up the couple and I don't like that. It's happily ever after, authors!! Not HUMEABCIHHFTCTOUTGHA. ("happily until my evil author brain can imagine horrific hurdles for the couple to overcome until they get happy again.") ;-)

    Or - horror of horrors - if there's a cliffhanger!! Ugh I _always_ read spoilers because I DO NOT under any circumstances want to read a book that's ending in a cliffhanger, or that the characters don't get their HEA until book 3 or something like that.

    But series with a different couple in every book is great. I really love it when we get to follow a group of friends or family members meeting people and falling in love in a series of books. :-)

    Did that even make sense? :-)

  3. Eleanor, I love that acronym: HUMEABCHH.... ETC. That is a classic!
    As to the original question, I love series that tell the story of minor characters, or new characters, from the first novel, with a healthy dose of the original MCs. It's nice to check in with the characters that drew you into the series to begin with. I think of Cardeno C., K.C. Wells, A.M. Arthur who have all written series that are like this. Renae Kaye just wrote a new novel that was a "series" follow-up to one of her earlier works and I Understand she has a couple more in the works. So feel free to write both. We will gladly read everything you do!