Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas Questions - A Baker's Dozen with BA, Julia and Sean

So here we have thirteen silly Christmas-related questions.  Caveats before you read:
1) this is very irreverent
2) BA is a Christmas purist
3) No elves were harmed in the answering of these questions (no reindeer either)

What's your elf name?
BA: Jimgles McCussalot
Julia: Sparkles Naughty Elf
Sean: Spanky MeButts

If you were Santa, what would you bring all your readers this year?
BA: cowboy butts for all
Julia :all my books
Sean: the perfect Dom

What color would a Christmas butt plug be? What shape?
BA: Rudolf the rednosed reindeer shaped (including the antlers) and Rufold colored
Julia:  sparkly green and Christmas tree shaped
Sean: all the colors of the rainbow, Christmas light shaped

Christmas butt plug decorated tree - yes or no?
BA: What?
Julia: No
Sean: Yes

Who is your Christmas OTP?
BA: Sherlock and John (they have Christmas!)
Julia: Yukon Cornelius and Herme from Rudolf the Rednose Reindeer
Sean: the Grinch and Max

Santa - Dom or sub?
BA: What?
Julia: brainbleach
Sean: I could write him either way

What's your favorite day of the 12 Days of Christmas?
BA: Nine Ladies Dancing
Julia: Five Golden Rings
Sean: Ten Lords a Leaping - orgy in the making

Shifter Rudolph - does his nose glow during orgasm?
BA: Poor baby Rudolph (you perv, Sean)
Julia: I prefer to give Rudolph his privacy
Sean: Yes!

If you invented a sexy Christmas cocktail, what would it be called?
BA: Fuck Frosty
Julia: The Peppermint Log
Sean: Down the "Chimney"

It takes eight reindeer to pull Santa's sleigh - how many wingmen does it take to get him laid?
BA: What?
Julia: I think Mrs. Claus has cast iron skillets
Sean: Eight

What's the sexiest Christmas food?
BA: Sausage Balls (what? I'm a Texan)
Julia: Spiced Nuts
Sean: Candy Cane (but you have to suck it)

What color is Christmas Elf come?
BA: Sparkly
Julia: Rainbow Colored
Sean: Sparky Rainbow Colored

Jack Frost nipping at your.... How should Santa punish his ass?
BA: What?
Julia  Strap hi naked to the sleigh
Sean: spanking! icy spankings!

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  1. LOL You are the best !!!!!!
    Merry Christmass

  2. Oh pleeeaaaaase, someone has to write about shifter Rudolph whose nose is glowing when he orgasms. Pretty please with sugar on top. Santa, this is all I want for christmas!! :-)