Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Wish lists with BA, Julia and Sean

Today we thought we'd share our Christmas Wish Lists with you.

Okay, so I'm the world's biggest sap, but what I want for Christmas is for my wife to know how proud I am of her, my moma to be happy, for my daddy to be healthy, for all my little ones (even the grown ones) to know that they're loved and wanted and precious, for people to remember to love one another -- genuinely, passionately, whole-heartedly. I want less fear and more faith, less hate and more hope. I want days filled with words and music, to go to sleep every night with my wife beside me, puppy kisses daily and the ability to be grateful for all my blessings. Much love, y'all. BA.


This year I want a houseboy to do the dishes and laundry for my wife so we have more time to spend together not writing...

I want more hours in the day so I can hit all my deadlines and still sleep

I want that USA Today bestseller, Santa. I do I do

I'd love a new laptop since my good one died and I'm working on one from 2009 but that's just a luxury

Candy. Lots of chocolate please. Not sugar free, despite the diabetes, because it makes me poop. Like, a lot. In bad ways. O.O

A trip to Colorado is always good.

An island in the Bahamas? Hey, why not shoot for the moon?

Really, though, I'd settle for a clean house and a few days off. Like totally off where I didn't have to do anything but lay in bed and watch Sherlock,

My life is pretty darned good



My wish list for Christmas includes peace on earth and good will toward all, and I think the world really needs that right now. Maybe it can find at least a little bit of it in the next few weeks.

I also wish for everyone to find their happiness and to be able to revel in it.

On a much smaller scale, I wish for a joyful and relaxing Christmas.

I want a good night's sleep to become the usual thing, not a pleasant surprise.

My own personal Chef would be awesome. Especially if he comes with a little sub who cleans. Meals made for me, house cleaned for me and hot scenes to watch on tap. Maybe I should move this wish up near the top of the list...

On the irreverent side, I wish for an orgasm for all the boys who live in my head and a plug for every naughty elf out there. And if Santa wants to give them all spankings while he's at it, that would be cool too.

And please, please, please, please, please, please, please, could I have a white Christmas? (and really, I shouldn't even have to ask for that, but wow, this year it is not looking likely!)

May all your Christmas wishes come true! 
Hugs, Sean.

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