Friday, December 11, 2015

Tis the Stress by Felice Stevens

The holidays are supposed to be times of family, fun, food and drink. (I couldn't find another F word...quiet all of you.) Instead, what I'm hearing this year is more people angry, upset with what's happening in the world, worried about finding the right presents, spending time with family that they may not have the best relationships other words—totally stressed out.

My son called me today completely stressed out over his first big college final-management calculus. He said he's been studying non-stop since Monday. He came from a school with no grades or final exams, so his first experience with tests and grades is totally stressing him out. I tell him the test is not a measure of his intelligence, nor is his entire college career based on this one exam.
But still; he's stressed.

I'm hoping we can all take the time in the next few weeks to take a seat for even an hour and simply rest. Take a break and think about something beautiful, or a memory that makes you smile. I've been participating in some Facebook parties and I found old Christmas commercials and it was fun to look at the videos and remember them with a smile.
Don't let what should be a season of love and peace make you sick. 

Today I had a release of my Chanukah novella and I always worry whether people will like or buy it, but this time I'm letting it go. Que sera, sera, as the saying goes. Whatever will be will be. I'm looking forward to my vacation in Florida over the Christmas week to simply relax and listen to the ocean.

The Greatest Gift

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