Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year! Almost.... By S.C. Wynne

Hello all!

Wow, 2016 raced by. I feel as if I just celebrated the new year and here we are about to break open a bottle of bubbly to celebrate 2017.

I'm not sure why years fly by now when they seemed so slow as a kid. I remember wanting to hurry up and get older just so I didn't have to have shots all the time. It seemed like I was always getting shots as a child. I did have a lot of ear infections as a kid, so maybe that's why.

A lot of people said 2016 was a hard year. It didn't seem any harder than others to me, maybe because for me the last thirteen have seemed quite challenging. Maybe it's just that life is challenging and we would like it to stop being that way? I certainly don't have it figured out.

But I'm hopeful 2017 will be a good year. It will be a huge year for me as far as change. I'm hopeful things will go well and my life will be less stressful and more free time. We shall see. But I truly am a believer in sending positive thoughts out into the universe so that they can come back to me.

Happy New Year to you all! And I'm raising my virtual glass of champagne to you!


Friday, December 30, 2016

Looking Forward by Felice Stevens

We didn't have much luck with 2016, did we?

 I know this is the time of year where people write posts on "What I accomplished this past year." Personally, I never liked those posts; I prefer to look ahead to a fresh and new year. This past week sent many of us in the writing world reeling with the unexpected and sudden closure of a once trusted sales outlet and ersatz publisher. But I have no desire to dwell on that either.

So this will be what I hope for in the coming year, 2017 for myself. I want to write the book I've been putting off because of fear. I want to learn more about the business side of this wild and wacky industry that changes on the breath of the wind. If we don't stay two steps ahead, we'll irrevocably fall behind. I want to keep learning about the craft of writing; I never want to stop trying to be better. My favorite quote is from one of my favorite authors, Grace Burrowes: "Writing is easy. Good writing is hard." 

I want to be more conscientious about being organized and journaling. I know I joke but I've been caught short and I don't like that feeling.

What I don't want to do is get caught up in the Twitter fires and daily storms that take time away from writing. I've learned that someone is always going to be upset about something.

I want to take the time to thank the people who have made me happiest. First has to be my friend and fellow author Sandra Owens. If not for Sandy, I never would have written. We met on-line, critiqued each other's works and there's no one I trust more.  Thanks to my buddies S.c. Wynne and Carroll (C.s.) Poe for always being around to lend a shoulder and an ear. To Josh Lanyon and my Fanyon family of Marilyn, David, Steve, Dianne, Carli and the rest of the gang, you guys make my day, every day. To Riley Hart, thanks for being my friend. And to Cardeno C, I owe more than words can say.

But most of all, I have to thank the readers. Without you there is no journey. I owe you everything. So thanks for sticking with me, buying my books and writing those reviews. You have no idea how much your support, emails and messages mean to me.

So lets usher out 2016 with a kick in the butt, and welcome in a bright and shiny 2017. 


Thursday, December 29, 2016

DARE YOU TO, cover and blurb!

Hello! I have a new cover! Book covers are one of my favorite parts of the process. DARE YOU TO, is the novella that was previously in the anthology, IT WAS ALWAYS YOU. It's being re-relased on it's own on January 5th, for only 99 cents!

I had a blast with Austin and Dare. Also, DARE YOU TO, is a prequel of sorts to the Wild Side series. Book one, GONE FOR YOU, is coming soon!

But...for is Dare!

Austin Thompson spends most of his spare time reading or logging in extra hours at the LGBTQ youth center where he works. His only standing “night out,” if you can call it that, is his weekly movie night with his best friend, Dare Nichols. Between work and Dare, it’s hard to find time for much else, so when he does actually try to date, it ends in disaster.

Dare thrives on living life on the wild side—surfing, mountain biking, sky diving. If it’s extreme, he’s game. Between sports and spending his evenings at his West Hollywood bar, Dare never sees a dull moment. Still, with all that excitement, most of his favorite times are when he’s tucked away in Austin’s apartment. Probably because he’s the only best friend Dare’s ever had.

Then the kiss happens and the men realize they don’t want to stop there. As they explore this new adventure in their relationship, Austin realizes the excitement he’s been looking for has been right there all along, and Dare has to decide if he can conquer his only fear by risking his heart.

Preorder coming soon.
Cover by X-Potion Designs.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

New Year's Resolutions from BA, Julia, Kiernan and Sean

Hey y'all

How can it be the end of the year already? Lord have mercy. Not that I'm sad to see 2016 go, right?

Today we're talking resolutions, and with the way 2016 went firmly in mind, I think we all changed slightly from what we would normally do.

BA Tortuga: I resolve to write about the love that I believe in and resist normalization of the hate and fear-mongering that we all face

Kiernan Kelly: I resolve to continue to write what I want to write and ignore people who tell me I shouldn't because of my plumbing. Also, I resolve to breed miniature unicorns and call them "pocketcorns."

Sean Michael: I don't usually do typical resolutions. But this year I resolve to find as much joy as I can in everything in my life.

Julia Talbot: I resolve to write all the words and love my wife and dogs and fight with every bit of me to keep us all safe and free.

Hope your New Year shines and that we all have a better 2017 despite the obvious challenges.



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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas! by Christa Tomlinson

It's Christmas! The holiday this year is a lot different for me. To tell you the truth, I don't even know what I did for Christmas last year. I do know I was in a major funk, which means I probably avoided the holiday altogether.

You see, I know 2016 has been a heck of a year. But for me personally, 2015 was worse. I had surgery on my knee to repair a torn ACL.  I was glad to have it done, but I didn't realize how much it would effect me having two major surgeries in three years (I broke my ankle in 2012). I was bummed that I'd have to take time off from playing roller derby, but also frustrated that I had to go through the whole physical therapy rigmarole again to be able to walk normally.

I was also struggling in my writing. I'd hit that place where I was scared of success and scared of failure. And I was working a day job that made it difficult to write. All of that added together had me withdrawing into the tiniest of hermit crab shells.

This year is different. Although I am stressed about a few things, I'm not letting that stop me from connecting with friends and family. It took me a while, but I realized that withdrawing and trying to struggle through on my own isn't healthy. Family and friends are there to help, even if they don't realize they're doing so. Just being in their presence, talking to them and sharing bits of my life helps my mind and my heart. So this year, I'm home in St. Louis to celebrate Christmas.

The holidays can be hard! I understand that all too well. If you're having a rough time this year, my wish is that you find love and peace, whether it's with friends, family or snuggled up on your own with a good book. And speaking of reading, I have a free Christmas short on my site. It's titled O' Christmas Tree, and I hope you enjoy it.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Holiday Recipe Traditions By S.C. Wynne

Hello, all!

Do you have specific foods and decorations you use every year? Or are you one of those people who like to try new things each year?

In my family we tend to always do the same recipes for holidays and I've decided that's how I like it. If you think about it, you really only get to eat those favorite foods maybe two times a year. We usually have the same Turkey, stuffing and mash potatoes meal at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Who doesn't want to eat their favorite foods two times a year? If it isn't broke, right? :)

One of my sisters likes to mix it up and try different recipes and I fear she tends to get a lot of "I wish it was like always." kind of comments. lol. But I have to give her credit for being adventurous. Her and her husband will eat stinky cheese and fancy foods that me and my other sister will turn up our noses at. Nachos is one of me and my other sister's favorite foods. And I don't mean fancy nachos with meat and stuff, oh no, I mean cheapo nachos with nacho cheese sauce!

Do you have any favorite recipes? Do you like stuffing with the giblets in it or not? I'm firmly in the not category. Big surprise, right?


Thursday, December 22, 2016

Holiday Traditions by Riley Hart

Can you believe it's almost the end of December 2016? I swear I don't know where the time goes. It feels like I was just saying, can you believe it's January 2016?? LOL.

This has been a tough year for a lot of us. This is usually my favorite time of the year. I go all out with decorating and love shopping and want to listen to Christmas music. This year I've felt very "bah Humbug" and it's made me sad. I just can't get into it the way I usually do. I'm working hard to get myself out of my funk. I'd love it if you would share some of your holiday traditions with me. What do you look forward to the most this time of year? Do you have a favorite holiday memory from the past?

I hope you all have a happy holiday!


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Holiday Wishes from BA, Julia, Kiernan and Sean

Happy Holiday Season from BA, Julia, Kiernan, and Sean.

Look for more hijinks next week along with all our links and such.



Sunday, December 18, 2016

Nominations and a Dilemma by Christa Tomlinson

I’ve been nominated for two awards in the M/M RomanceGoodreads Members Choice awards! I’m so happy. The Detective’s Pleasure was nominated for best BDSM, and Showing Him the Ropes was nominated for Best Athletes/Coaches. Yes! I don’t expect to win at all, but knowing that readers enjoyed those stories enough to nominate them in a Best category makes me all scrunchy-faced happy. Thank you, Readers! 


But. Oh, but. Knowing that there are readers who enjoyed Showing Him the Ropes so much puts me in quite the pickle. You see, as much as I loved that story, I have to admit that it didn’t do very well. In fact, it did so poorly in sales that I was big, tearful anime eyes sad. Which leaves me with a dilemma. 

I’d originally planned for Chance and Devin’s story to be the first in a series set in the world of professional wrestling. But with the reception so poor, I’d hate to spend the time and money taking it any further. But (so many buts) I’d also hate to disappoint readers who were actually happy to read a story in a setting that they enjoy. If I wrote for a publisher, the series would be killed dead. But I don’t. That means I have to make the decision on my own. Waaaah! 

I want to fight for the series. Make some improvements to Ropes and the subsequent novels and give it another go. But I also have to make smart business decisions. Sigh… We’ll see. I’ll at least do one more story to wrap up the mini cliff hanger. Partly because I loved the Showing Him the Ropes, but mostly as a thank you to all the readers who loved it and nominated it. I love you guys! 

Whatever happens with the series, I'm super duper happy that I took the risk and wrote about professional wrestling, which I love. And I fell so in love with Ryan and Sam, Ryan in particular, that them receiving a nomination is the cherry on an already awesome sundae. So thank you again for the nominations! 

P.S. To celebrate, I’ve put both The Detective's Pleasure and Showing Him the Ropes on sale for .99 on Amazon, B&N, ARe, and Kobo. If you haven’t read them, now’s your chance. And if you enjoy them and are a member of the M/M Romance group, I’d love to have your vote.

Thanks for reading!
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Friday, December 16, 2016

Cover Reveal-Please Don't Go by Felice Stevens

Up next for me is the release of my story from the It Was Always You Anthology. It has been expanded a bit to almost 24,000 words and I'll be putting it on sale for 99 cents. I love Danny and Paul's story and hope you'll enjoy the little bit more I added to their Happily Ever After.

In case you haven't read it, this is the blurb:

Danny Friedman knows all about loss. His father left to start a new family and now that his mother passed away, he's even more certain love is only temporary. People always disappoint him in the end, a lesson he learned years ago when his summer camp best friend and secret crush disappeared without a trace, never to be heard from again. Until now.

Fifteen years ago, Paul Merola left everything behind when he ran away with his mother to escape his abusive father. He lived life on the run for years, but never forgot his best friend Danny. When his job transfers him to the New York City office, the past collides with the present, as Paul finds himself face to face with Danny, who works there as well. To Paul's dismay, a reluctant Danny makes it clear he has little desire to rekindle their friendship.

Despite Danny's desire to learn what happened all hose years ago, he refuses to fall victim to Paul's charm, fearing he's being used to get ahead. Paul, finally secure enough to stay and put down roots, must convince Danny that there is more to them than a broken promise. Not only does he want to be friends again, he wants love. He wants forever. And he wants it all with Danny.

The cover is by Reese Dante: 

Happy Shopping and I'll see you next week!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas Questions with BA, Julia, Kiernan and Sean

Today we're answering a baker's dozen Christmas themed questions.

1 - What is your favorite all time gift you received
2 - What one decoration do you put out that really means Christmas to you?
3 - White Christmas (the weather), yay or boo?
4 - What flavor pie is the most Christmas to you?
5 - White Christmas (the movie) - yay or nay?
6 - How many elves does it take to change a lightbulb?
7 - Santa - jolly old elf or creepy old dude?
8 - When do you open your gifts?
9 - What's your favorite Christmas Carol?
10 - Egg nog or some other holiday drink?
11 - Do you sleep in on Christmas morning or wake up early to open gifts?
12 - can you name all 8 reindeer without looking it up?
13 - What's your favorite Christmas cookie? (a baking question for the baker's dozen one)

1. I got a metronome when I was in sixth grade and I was over the moon. Seriously. Once a music geek, always a music geek.
2. I have an elf ornament that was my granny's. Mother sent it to me a few years ago and it means Christmas to me.
3. When I was in Texas, that would have been a miracle, but here, it happens. I'm sort of indifferent.
4. Hrm. Pie and Christmas aren't a thing for me, I guess. COOKIES!
5. It's my girl's favorite holiday movie. I look forward to sitting and watching it with her every year.
6. None. Those little fuckers have it automated.
7. Spirit of Christmas. I still believe. 😀 (Those who do not believe do not get Santa visits)
8. Christmas morning.
When I was a teenager, my stepfather's children were used to opening presents Christmas Eve. We did it and I woke the next day utterly heartbroken that there was nothing of Christmas to look forward to. I've never opened gifts on the 24th again.
9. Go Tell It on the Mountain
10. I HATE egg nog. Give me coffee and Baileys.
11. We wake up EARLY!
12. Absolutely. There goes Crunchy and Dapper and Skanky and Ho-Dog, Bubba and Pooter and Tractor and Crow Bar...
Please do as BA has done and answer one of the white christmas question for snow on the ground and the second one to mean the movie, for lo I am a dork

1. I got a baby doll one year in a baby buggy -- I was ecstatic
2. Trees! My girl and I have lots but they all mean something
3. Snow is nice as long as it's gone the next day so Yay
4. Pecan
5. I love Danny Kaye, so yay on the movie. I also love the banter
6. depends on how vaulted the ceiling might be
7. Jolly old elf
8. Christmas morning. It's important to my girl
9. O Holy Night
10. Nog! Uhn
11. we get up early and have coffee while we open, then breakfast and a wee nap for me
12. yes but I'm too lazy to type
13. chocolate chip or oatmeal scotchie

1. A mother's ring with the birthstones of my three children in it. 🙂
2. I have a set of musical bells (they play Silent Night) that used to hang in my mom's kitchen for as long as I remember. They're older than I am. I actually keep them hanging up in my kitchen year-round.
3. The chances of snow in Central Florida is slim-to-none unless you go to Disney, but since their snow is actually soap flakes, you probably don't want to catch any on your tongue. Blech
4. We don't ordinarily do pies for Christmas. My very Italian family does cookies, cannolis, and zeppoli.
5.  Definitely a yay! One of my favorite holiday movies. That scene at the end when they open the barn doors and reveal that it's snowing (and there's a sleigh in the background even though it's only been snowing for like, ten minutes) is a particular favorite.
6. Zero. That's Bumble's job.
7. Jolly old elf with a strange addiction to candy canes and a fondness for nose-twitching.
8. After midnight on Christmas Eve. We've always done it that way in my family, and we continued with our kids. The hubs would dress up in full Santa regalia to wake the kids by ringing a bell. It was awesome.
9. The Little Drummer Boy. The line "then he smiled at me" makes me cry.
10. I used to like egg nog and hot chocolate, but since I can't have them anymore, I settle for chocolate-flavored coffee. 🙂
11. Sleep in! Our gifts are already opened.
12. Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen. And Rudolph, which makes nine.
13. I love stain glass cookies (sugar cookies with melted hard candies in the middle that look like stained glass).

1. A bike when I was about eight
2. A little 'nusseman' which is a Danish cross between santa and an elf
3. Yes! It's not Christmas if there isn't any snow.
4. My grandmother always used to make my father a rhubarb pie (or take an already made one out of the freezer) whenever we visited, and we always visited at Christmas - so it strangely enough is a pie that means Christmas to me.
5. Okay, here's where I admit I don't really watch old movies and I've never seen White Christmas.
6. It takes all the elves to change a lightbulb because they do everything together.
7. Jolly Old Elf
8. My mom is Danish and their tradition is on Christmas Eve. I remember coming home from school one year and saying that everyone opened theirs on Christmas Day. My parents told me I was welcome to wait until Christmas Day, but they were opening theirs on Christmas Eve. Needless to say, I decided I could live with being different!
9. The Huron Carol is my favorite, followed closely by The Little Drummer Boy, but I love all of them.
10. I hate egg nog. I have just discovered salted caramel baileys in hot chocolate, though, and that's a new winter favorite.
11. Sleep in, though that's a relative term - managing to stay asleep until 8 am is sleeping in for me. I am not a morning person and wish I wasn't in the habit of being up early so I could sleep in longer!
12. I can, but I have to sing them.
13. I think I have a new favorite - Salted Toffee Cashew Chews that I made for the first time this year. So yummy!

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Monday, December 12, 2016

Help With Mates Quotes and Ideas by Cardeno C.

Happy Monday! I'm working on the next (and last) Mates book and that has me thinking of the other three books. Those of you who have read the books know that they're each about a different couple and are freestanding. I'd like to share information about these books with people who haven't read them and I'd love your help. 

If you have favorite short quotes I can put on an image for an ad or any other ideas of how I can let new readers know about the Mates books and that they can be read independently, please let me know. You can make suggestions in the comments here or on my social media or email me. I'm all ears (and eyes)!

Have a terrific week.


Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sunday Sneak Peek, By Christa Tomlinson

Hey, it's Sunday! This week I'd like to share with you an unedited excerpt from my WIP - part two of Logan and Clay's story. Enjoy!

Logan looked at him, his expression serious and intense. "I'll never let anyone hurt you."

"I'm a cop. I'm going to get hurt sometimes and you can't go after everyone who happens to cause it."

"You're also mine. Did you forget that?"

Clay shook his head. "No, Sir."

"Come here." Clay followed the gentle pull Logan gave his hand to drop down to the couch and straddle his lap.

"You're my lover. My submissive. It's my right and my pleasure to protect you always." He brought a hand up, his thumb sliding across the metal collar that circled Clay's neck. "I won't let anything or anyone hurt you or take you away from me."

A thrill shot through Clay at that declaration. Logan was unapologetically possessive of him. It had caused problems early on in their relationship, but they'd worked on it and come to an understanding on boundaries. Now, he was able to revel in Logan's possessiveness and caring, because he knew it wouldn't get out of hand. Clay pressed his forehead to Logan's and closed his eyes. "I love when you talk to me like that."

Logan's hand moved to grip the back of his neck. "Do you?"

His eyes still closed, Clay nodded.

"Tell me why."

"Because it makes me feel like the most important thing in your world. I've never felt like that with anyone."

"It's true. You are the most important thing to me. Having you in my life, wearing my collar, means everything to me."

Clay opened his eyes and looked into his lover's gaze, seeing the sincerity there. Not that he doubted him. Logan had proven time and time again how much he loved him. "I feel like I don't deserve you. Like I don't do enough to show you how much I love you in return."

"That's not true. You don't have to do anything to deserve me. I'm with you because I don't ever want to be with anyone else."

"Well, maybe I can show you tonight." He brought a hand up to rub the pad of muscle on Logan's chest. "Physically."

Awww, they're so lovey-dovey. For now... *insert evil author laugh* I've got a title and a sexy cover and I can't wait to share them with you. Hurry up 2017! If you haven't read The Sergeant series, catch up with the first three books.

Thanks for reading!
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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Getting Rights Back To Books From The Past By S.C. Wynne

I'm excited about getting the rights back to several of my very first books; Hard-Ass is Here and
I loved this cover so hard! I will miss it.
Hard-Ass Christmas. They were published by Loose Id and I will always be thankful to them for giving me a start. I hope to do more books with them in the future, I love self-publishing, but sometimes it's nice to just let the professionals take the reins!

It's a weird feeling when the rights revert. It's like you have all this freedom to do whatever you want with the books, but the scary part is .... YOU HAVE ALL THIS FREEDOM! It's kind of daunting. Should you add new content, or just re-release as is? You need new covers, and sometimes you feel really attached to the original covers! Plus, since these were my very first published books, there is an odd sentimental angle to it all.

But I shall pull up my big girl pants and push forward. Because, while writing is hard work, I love creating stories and hearing how they affect others. That's why authors love reviews. It's not just that we need them to rank, blah, blah, blah, it's also that it feeds our souls to hear you connected with a character we created.

Thank you to all who read our stories. As I always say; Without readers, authors are just like a kid with a hairbrush singing in front of a mirror! :)


Friday, December 9, 2016

A Couple More Things by Felice Stevens

Since it's the end of the year it's always nice to reflect back on accomplishments. I've achieved some, but not all the goals I set for myself.

I wanted to be more organized. Ha...yeah. I'm a little better but not where I should be. I have my planner and use it sporadically. So hear me now, I vow to use my planner in 2017.


I wanted to buy back the rights to my books that were still with my publisher and I did so. The first book, A Walk Through Fire was released this past November and I'm working on the edits for After the Fire, the second book, due out in Winter 2017. Embrace the Fire will be coming in the Spring.

I taught myself to do teasers and while they are by no means perfect, I am happy to have at least tried. One day I will conquer Canva!

I wanted to do more of my books in audio. The Arrangement, which came in 6th place in the Rainbow Awards this past week for Gay Erotic Romance, will be released very, very soon and when you hear Charlie David's narration you will be so happy. Next up he'll be doing Rescued, which I know will be amazing.

I've also decided to have Second to None put out in audio and have found someone to do the Through Hell and Back series as well.

I've been holding back on a few stories for various reasons. I had plans and ideas but let  doubt creep in and take over. I have now decided to stop listening to the voices saying no and only follow the ones that say yes. 

Have a wonderful week and I hope you all get your shopping done for the holiday!! 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Noble Intentions - Andrew Grey

Noble Intentions releases in just 5 days and I decided to give you a sneak peek.  This is a modern money for a title story.  A newly minted earl needs money to fix up his ancestral home and he decides to try to marry it.  But what he gets in the bargain isn't quite what he expects and it could be just what he needs or a complete disaster, heck, maybe both.

Robert Ashton is in for the surprise of a lifetime. His mother, a bit of a rebel, raised him away from the rest of the family, and it’s not until he’s contacted by his lawyer about an inheritance that he learns who he truly is: the new Earl of Hantford. His legacy includes ownership of the historic Ashton Park Estate—which needs repairs Robert cannot afford. He’ll simply do what the nobility has done for centuries when in need of money. He’ll marry it.

Tech wizard Daniel Fabian is wealthy and successful. In fact, he has almost everything—except a title to make him worthy in the eyes of the old-money snobs he went to prep school with. His high school reunion is looming, and he’s determined to attend it as a member of the aristocracy.
That’s where Robert comes in.

Daniel has the money, Robert has the name, and both of them know they can help each other out. But their marriage of convenience has the potential to become a real love match—unless a threat to Daniel’s business ruins everything.

Check out an advance copy:


Robert slowly pulled away. As he drove through the gate, the weight on his chest lifted slightly, but not very much. “What do I do with it?” Robert asked.

“The rooms are still furnished. Almost all of it is still there,” she said with a sense of awe.

“All of what?”

“That manor has been in our family for ten generations. You are the eleventh, and the things they collected over the years were all added to the manor. I was afraid Harrison would have sold them, but that probably took more energy than he was willing to spend. So it’s all there.”

“Okay.” Robert turned onto the road back to his office. “So I could sell the furnishings, and break up the land and sell that as well. That would pay the taxes and leave an empty building that could be sold or added to National Trust if I could get them to take it.” He glanced at his mother, who looked about to cry.

“That’s your history, my history, and you’d do that without a second thought?” She wiped her eyes, and Robert tried to remember the last time he’d seen his mother cry. He had a hard time doing it. She never cried—stiff upper lip and all that. “You can’t just throw it away offhand.”

“Then what do I do? I can mortgage the place to the hilt and try to do the repairs that need to be made, but how in the hell do I pay the money back? The estate doesn’t have much income, and I can’t just open it to tourists and have them flock to the place like it was Downton Abbey. A few people might come, but not enough to make it worthwhile. I could just donate the whole thing to National Trust and make it their headache, but then everything would be gone.” And that was going to break his mother’s heart. He could see that.

Robert pulled to a stop at an intersection and waited for a truck loaded with hay to pass before making the turn and continuing on.

“There has to be a way to do something.” She was thinking already, he could tell.

“I’m going to have to see what else I’ve inherited and then try to figure out what can be done.” Thankfully the estate wasn’t too far away from where he and his mother lived. He could at least continue to live without having to make commutes halfway across the country. “I’m not going to make any decisions today or tomorrow.” Robert grew quiet as he drove the rest of the way back to his office.

“I’ve been thinking,” his mother said with a weird smile that Robert was having trouble reading. “You need money to fix up the estate, and you also have a title.”

“Okay. I have a title that doesn’t help me, other than make me sound like a toff.”

His mother leaned closer. “That title comes with a peerage and it has power. People respect the titles. Good or bad, they do, and the title has value.”

“Okay. So do I sell it?” Robert asked, knowing he was being ridiculous.

“Of course not. Well, maybe in a way. You do what the aristocracy has always done when they needed money. You marry it.”

Ask Andrew is your chance to ask questions of a gay romance author.  The questions can be about the writing process in general, writing sex scenes, gay men, sex, characters in romance, characters having sex... okay you probably get the picture.    I promise to answer your questions as frankly and with as much humor as I possibly can.

So if you have a question, please send it to  This is different from my usual email so your questions don't get lost.  I will answer one question a week.

Please remember this is meant to be all in fun.  (I was going to say good, clean fun, but who wants that.)    So send me your questions and let's see what mischief we can get into.

Visit Andrew on Facebook:  and you can join Andrew's fan group All The Way With Andrew Grey.

Follow him on Twitter:  @andrewgreybooks