Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Werewolf, A Dragon and a Vampire Walk Into a Bar by BA, Julia and Sean

Today is the first installment of a story we're writing together for Cafe Risque. Hopefully we'll get an installment up once a month.

A Werewolf, A Dragon and A Vampire Walk Into A Bar
A paranormal romp by BA, Julia and Sean

Copper Williams headed into the little ramshackle bar, drawn by the throbbing beat of old school soul music. It wasn’t country music, but he knew all the words and the sound promised that there wasn’t a single thing hip or modern about the joint.

He just needed a beer, maybe a little company or a little fistfight in the parking lot. However it went, what the fuck did he care? Lone wolves took what they could and that was the way of things. Pack law sucked if it worked against you. It sucked harder if your animal self had this unfortunate habit of chasing the cattle and your pack had a herd in Montana.

He pulled the brim of his hat lower on his brow and shouldered his way in.

Food, fuck, fight or any of the above.

There weren’t very many people in the place yet, but the ones who were there were all guys. Every last fucking one of them. Bingo. It was his kind of place. He went over to the bar, sitting next to a huge guy with a broad back and shaggy blond hair. The guy turned to glance at him as he sat, eyes the color of smoke.

Copper dipped his chin, then ordered a Bud from the bartender. “Y’all got food here?”

“Depends on what you’re eating, puppy.”

“I’ve got a steak appetite and a hamburger budget. What are my options?”

“Get him a steak,” the blond said, voice deep and growly. “With all the fixings.”

The growl slid down his spine and landed like a steel fishing weight in his balls. “Well, aren’t you a dear?”

That earned him a snort. “Not a deer.” He got a long, slow look, head to toe and back up again. “I eat deer for dinner.”

“Me too. Deer. Elk. Chickens. I’m pretty easy.”

“Yeah?” There was a spark of interest, deep in the smoky eyes. “How easy?”

“Easy enough to know that a steak between friends might lead to biting.”

His new friend nodded slowly. “I like biting. I like it a lot.” He was treated to a toothy grin that more than proved that this guy certainly had the teeth for biting.

He rumbled softly into the foam on his beer, telling his cock to take it easy. They had time.

“You come here often?” his new bar partner asked.

“No sir. This here’s my first time. I been traveling.” Traveling. That was a nice way to say banished, wasn’t it?

“Travelling. Huh. Have you come far?”

“Yeah. Yeah, I’ve been all over.”

“I used to travel a lot. When the world was… simpler. Quieter.”

“I’m still learning about the world. My p...I was pretty damn isolated.”

“I like isolation. But sometimes you just need to find someone and… not be alone.” The deep growly voice got deeper and growlier, the lovely eyes darker.

“I…” Copper blinked, watching the reflection of himself, his need, deep inside those eyes. Oh, man. Let this one be into fucking, not fighting. He could totally roll over and show his belly.

Tune in next month for the next installment!

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  1. This is awesome! I'll tune in next month. Count on it!

  2. Wow a whole month. You should think day's ya day's. But I will be here.

  3. A month? I'm looking forward to it.