Friday, January 22, 2016

Bracing For the Storm by Felice Stevens

They tell us here on the East Coast the storm will hit us tomorrow, Saturday and can dump anywhere from 3 to 6 to 8...up to 18 inches of snow. 

That's quite a deviation, don't you think? In my next life I want to come back as a weather person; it seems no one gives them flak if they get things wrong or make a miscalculation. They chalk it up to "last minute computer module changes."

Meanwhile the stores are crowded with people in a buying frenzy, clearing the shelves of bread, milk, eggs, cheese, and ever snack food known to man. Trying to find a frozen pizza in my neighborhood is like searching for gold. It's as though they believe they'll be hunkered down for a month and God-forbid someone should be without their favorite flavor of Haagen Daz.

Me? I'm content to sit in my apartment, watch the snow fall and read. I have books to read for the RITA contest (the RWA's national award for excellence) and I have my coffee. As long as the cable holds out, I'll be fine.

Hope you all have a lovely, safe weekend.

How do you ride out bad storms?


  1. Forget bread, milk & eggs. Me, beer, chips & dip. Stay safe Felice

  2. Haha. So true, Kim! I've got my wine and cheese. I'm set. Stay safe as well, you're getting hit too, supposedly.

  3. I'm from upstate NY and moved to Houston last January. Well, within the first week we were here the apartment complex managers sent out an "emergency" email telling everyone it's going to be hitting 32 degrees out and we needed to "take precautions" like opening the cabinet door under the sink and bring in any plants outside. I laughed so hard and all I kept thinking is they have no idea what a winter emergency is!!

    And I absolutely agree with you about what you said about the weather person!! Can't say how many times we got all prepared (I lived on a mountain) for snowy weather and no work or school the next day for barely a flurry to happen.